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Want to create a character for a long-running furry webcomic?

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Furry webcomic At Arm's Length will soon see its 500th strip uploaded for your viewing pleasure! To celebrate and commemorate the occasion, DarkwingDork (the writer) and Brooke Scovil (the artist) have decided to hold a contest for the strip's loyal readers: Create a character who could be a recurring guest-star in AAL. [Details 'below the fold'.]


Create a character who will be a recurring guest-star!


First place: $15 prize, and the character will become a recurring character in the comic with multiple appearances (plus the warm feeling of knowing that you've made a lasting contribution to AAL).
2nd place: $10 prize, and the character will be a major player in at least one storyline.
3rd place: $5 prize, and the character will make at least one appearance in a storyline.


Contest entries can be purely textual descriptions; graphic art portraits; model sheets with associated textual notes; basically, anything goes, as long as it tells our judges what's spiffy about the character.
Contest entries will be accepted until AAL #501 is uploaded (estimated date: Aug. 23rd)
The character must be appropriate for the AAL setting. The character can be of any species, be it anthro or mythical; the character can possess or lack magickal powers, as you see fit; the character can be of any gender; the character *must* be no 'worse' than PG-rated (ie, no Japanese tentacle rape monsters or other such perverse critters).

The fine print:

The winning character-entry becomes the property of DarkwingDork and Brooke Scovil.
The character must be your original creation.
Don't submit any real person's fursona. No, not even your own fursona.
No person who has ever worked on any AAL strip, in any capacity, is eligible to win this contest.

How to enter

Submit entries to: Please use the subject line "AAL character contest".


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