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The ConFurence Group announces monthly Furry Socials at the Polar Den

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Darrel L. Exline, director of The ConFurence Group is opening up his new house (aka: The Polar Den) for monthly meetings and get togethers for any furries who wish to come and have fun.

The first of these monthly So-Cal Furry Socials will be on Saturday, October 13 from 12Noon to 6pm, immediately followed by the ConFurence discussion/planning meeting starting at 6pm.  Anyone interested in helping with ConFurence 2002 is welcome to stay for the meeting.

The Polar Den is located in Lemon Grove, California, about 6 miles east of Downtown San Diego, along Route 94.  The address, detailed driving directions, and maps are online at

Another meeting is scheduled for Saturday, November 10 at the same time and place.  December's meeting has not yet been scheduled.

The Polar Den has a built-in Theatre with an 84-inch screen, and can play VHS, S-VHS, DVD, and Laserdisc movies.  Feel free to bring something for the grill... there are two gas grills in the backyard, and there's lots of space for playing on the Freeway. No kidding! ...the Route 125 freeway is being built adjacent to my backyard with easy access to the level ground, so bring your frisbees or super-soakers, weather permitting (so far Caltrans hasn't been doing any work there on the weekends).

The ConFurence Group is a membership organization dedicated to promoting anthropomorphic fandom related events.  Information about our flagship convention, ConFurence, as well as CritterConDiego and ZonieCon is available from our website at Send EMail to for more details.


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Owner / Director, The ConFurence Group, promoting anthropomorphic fandom-realted events since 1999. Chairman: ConFurence 2003; Dealer''s Room Lead: Conjecture (October in San Diego), Fan Tables at LosCon 29 (Burbank, Nov. 2002)