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Flask's fate in 'Endtown'

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Philomena FlaskSince August 16, we've been getting the story of what makes Philomena Flask tick. It's a real heartbreaker, full of love and heartache, and maybe betrayal. Ever since we've known her, she has been hell bent on revenge against the Topsiders.

A high ranking Topsider, Flask couldn't stomach the disgusting practices of her fellow citizens. She contemplated suicide, but before acting on that thought, she rescued a non-mutated human from vivisection.

She fell in love, but did he? She certainly thought so. We haven't reached the end of this arc, so there's still time to weigh in on what is going on. Check it all out on Endtown's website.

See also: Review: 'Endtown 1' [and] 'Endtown 2', by Aaron Neathery


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Death isn't the complete end in Endtown, there's a chance she's not gone for good.

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Of course if it is for this character the final end well... at least she got a chance to explain herself.

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Don't miss the two Endtown paperback collections.

Fred Patten

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Thanks Fred, I have the first volumes and am eagerly awaiting the next ones. Of course Freaky Lynx is right, all is not what it seems in Endtown

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