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Conifur Northwest Artshow is Sold Out!

Edited by GreenReaper as of Sun 16 May 2010 - 16:56
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The Conifur Northwest artshow has reached maximum capacity!

Artist registration was closed last week due to an overwhelming response, and after some compilation of figures, it turns out we're sold out of panels! If you would like to participate and haven't already registered, then you can still get on the standby list for abandoned panels. Just email me at and let me know.

There are plans to limit the number of reservations to 2 or 3 panels next year, in order to give exposure to more artists, but nothing is definate yet.

There are 51 reserved General Audience panels, and 23 Adult panels. Due to the overwhelming number of General panels, the Adult room has been split in half to accomodate the overflow, as well as the 2 tables and a good amount of floorspace for three-dimentional art.

Below is a list of the confirmed artists, in no particular order:

Rubin Avila
Panda Phil
Gene Bresheres
Margaret Carspecken
Amy Cott
Lela Dowling
BackBreaker Studios
Cleo Hanzlek
Matt Harpold
Chad Krueger
Michele Light
Monika Livingstone
Carolyna Cougar
Marci McAdams
Matt McAndews
Chuck Melville
Joyce Norton
Joshua Phillips
Shelly Pleger
Sky Rigdon
Cathy Shmid
Shannon Stuart
Terrie Smith
James Wappel
Dark Natasha
Derrick Dasenbrock
Brian Harp
Malcolm Earl
Alexander Mickschl
Jim Groat


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