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Morphicon Miscellanea (December 2012)

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Kon'nichiwa, bonjour, hola, and hello from all of us here at Morphicon, as we plan to welcome you to our tiny slice of the world here in Columbus, Ohio. 2013 is quickly approaching us and in less than a year we wish to welcome you to a small con with a global reach.

Morphicon plans to introduce you to furry cultures from all over our wonderful planet, so please join us and our Guests of Honor P.Moss and Ebony Leopard May 2–5 as we welcome you into our own little multicultural salad bowl; as long as some herbivores don't nom it first!

Pre-registration opening up

Early-Bird Registration for Morphicon 2013: Furries Around The World is now open!

Pre-registration for Morphicon 2013 is now open allowing you to gain a few perks for being one of the first to sign on. Registering before March 1grants you a $10 dollar discount, although if you miss the early bird special you can still register online until April 18, and if you miss that then feel free to get your registration at the con. For those of you who would like to get something extra special though register as either a Patron or Hypertrophe by March 1 and you'll get the chance to be immortalized in a Morphicon edition of Loteria created by Kattywampus. There are only 54 spots with Hypertrophes going first so if you want to be included in the game, the sooner you register the better your chances! Also of special consideration, the game will be part of the Hypertrophe goodie bag, while copies will also be available for sale and to play at the con.

If you have any questions or concerns for the registration staff, there is a online contact form at

Single-Day Basic Sponsor Patron Hypertrophe!
Before March 1 $15 $30 $45 $85 $200
After March 1 $25 $40 $55 $95 Unavailable

Gophers wanted!

Want to help out your favorite con and earn free stuff?!!

Sign up now and for only a few hours of your con experience you can learn how a convention works and help make all the magic happen. At the same time, you will get a cool new button and credit towards next years registration fee.

Sign up on your registration form, or by emailing


Do you have a creative panel idea that you would like to help bring to life? Or would you like to help out by running one of the panels at Morphicon currently sans a host? Don't forget to send a email to


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