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Four furs booked in two days

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Ohio furs Brown Leopard (Ronald R. Packer II, 33), his wife, Wolfie Stonespirit (Jennifer Packer, 30) and Keba (Joseph O. Luna, 21) were arrested July 14 after exiting a barn around 3AM. The trio were charged with breaking and entering and receiving stolen property.

Marion County police recovered a large amount of stolen property from their home and estimate they have committed over sixty thefts in the area. Brown Leopard is also wanted in West Virginia for failure to appear on a weapons offense.

A day later, Sibe (Ross Herbert Reddick, 31) was booked into Clackamas County Jail, charged with third degree sexual abuse, recklessly endangering another person, contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor, endangering the welfare of a minor and sexual misconduct.

Brown Leopard is listed as head of security and webmaster for Morphicon, and Keba assisted with their performance events. Con chair Jewel says they no longer serve the organization [tip: Tom Howling]. Sibe, previously jailed for coercion, remains active on the yiff sub-Reddit (NSFW).

Aslan, who lived with the furs from Ohio, stepped up to defend Brown Leopard, noting the ways in which he had helped those close to him:

I call Brown Leopard my friend and even though he's very likely guilty it doesn't mean he's a bad guy.

However, after further discussions between housemates, it became clear that he had deceived them as well:

Everyone in the house got together today and we were talking about Brown Leopard, and we found out that Brown Leopard had told different lies to different people [...] Apparently money for rent and bills came up missing twice, and a number of bills are delinquent that he stated were paid previously. So while most of the good things I said of BL remain, this adds a lot to the bad.

In Ohio, breaking and entering is a fifth degree felony, punishable by community service, probation or 6-12 months prison and a fine of up to $2500. Receiving stolen property ranges from fifth to third degree; a fourth degree felony is up to 18 months and $5000.

The first three of Sibe's charges are Class A misdemeanors in Oregon, each eligible for up to one year in prison and a $6250 fine.

Update (2 Aug): Brown Leopard was charged with attempted theft in Ohio in 2007, and accused of radio sales fraud in 2004.


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Who needs "News of the World" when there is flayrah? This is worse than any tabloit, seriously, who wants to read this shit?

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Apparently, the users of Flayrah.

Flayrah readers voted overwhelmingly for "hard news." This is hard news. Hard news is not pretty. But it is both what the users of Flayrah wanted, deserved and even need.

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people that like it. if you don't like it, don't ever come back.

~ The Legendary RingtailedFox

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Furries like to hear about other furries. Of course it would be great if it were all about new sites and furry comic books becoming mainstream but it's not. Bad things happen and people should know about it, particularly if it's about artists stealing commission money.

These cases are also important for people that might live near them and think about letting them into their homes and such. It's also useful information for people that run the furcons. In any case tabloids make a big deal about people's private lives, these are furs going to jail, stuff that would make a local paper in any community.

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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I think it's interesting and useful to hear the lastest gossip... er, news regarding other furs. You're right that in some cases it can be more than interesting, it can be very useful - besides safety issues, it helps some furs understand (and some really need it pointed out) that just being in this 'community' does not mean they're automatically worthy of your trust.

To help keep this as news rather than one more source of gossip, it's important to keep to the facts and as impartial with the news as possible - and I believe Flayrah is doing a great job of this in regards to news on other furs.

Some other items such as opinions on books or comics and other forms of entertainment... I think it's nice to have items pointed out which have furry aspects but it's probably harder for the writers to stay completely impartial (afterall, many of these items require some sort of opinion if you're going to get anything out of the article). But also the more well-known items can often be seen reported elsewhere.

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inb4 dramatic Sibe discussion

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I love it when Sibe gets pissed off when we write about his personal life. Whoo!

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wow. sibe just doesn't learn, does he?

he's been arrested (and occasionally bailed out by his parents) HOW many times? is there a way to excommunicate someone from the fandom?

~ The Legendary RingtailedFox

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Unfortunately, it seems the anser is no.

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Start an arguement with him, and end it with a flamethrower.
Weapons are made to poke holes in people, flamethrowers are made to end arguements.
:-Þ #Ijustwentthere #2liveatAC #Hashtagsoutsideoftwitter

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It's really important to point out what he's done because on the surface, far too many 'furs of influence' have helped blur the line between generic bad boy image and criminal - too many folks are attracted to someone who comes across as a bit dangerous or as an underdog. If some rumors are to be believed, he's often seen as 'not that bad' a guy. Gotta stick to the facts with this one, too many people who shouldn't are given a pass in this fandom.

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There something fishy about Sibe mention. I can not find corroborating stories in my local Portland news sources or with Clackamas County records. I seem unable to find any. I my not care for Sibe but there is the matter of trustfulness.

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I'm not sure if it's a reliable website, but Sibe is also mentioned here on

OTOH, I, too, tried to find him in the Inmate Roster for Clackamas County Jail, without success. And he's active on reddit right now. So if he was arrested, he doesn't appear to be now.

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As Oscar Wilde might have put it:

"To have one fur charged with beastiality might be regarded as a misfortune; to have FOUR begins to look like carelessness."

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As Oscar Wilde might have corrected himself:

"Whoops, I forgot to read the story. Never mind, guys. Sorry about that."

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It's funny what we tend to assume when we see a headline of furs being charged with a crime ;)

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So funnie. (/sarcasm)

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None of these were charged with "beastiality[sic]".

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A tipster notes Brown Leopard was charged with attempted theft in Ohio in 2007, and accused of radio sales fraud in 2004.

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Brownleopard and wolfie stole a ton of crap in WV too. That's why they went to ohio, and the WV police force was too lazy to have them retrieved, despite them having been arrested in Ohio once prior to the July arrest.
I just hope all this drama is over with.
They were also conning "friends" into sending them money over the internet, saying how badly they needed it.
Thieves and liars. Making the drama go round.

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Oh whatever. They didn't steal anything in WV. Besides, the roomates that they considered "friends" took everything they owned, right down to their pets! One of them is currently having sexual relations with their dog, in fact.

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Well you can always call the Rowlesburg WV police department and ask for yourself.

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LOL! I'm amused. Very amused. I briefly went out with BL years back. He'd already been to jail once, I saw him (unsuccessfully) attempt to pick the locks on the machines at a car wash to get at the coins inside, AND he went to jail again over some stolen snowmobiles a while after we were no longer together. I guess he STILL hasn't learned his lesson. Glad THAT one didn't last.

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