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Fursuit vignette: 'Merry XXXmas from Room 366'

Edited by GreenReaper
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I did not vote for Bitter Lake, but I will for this 2’54” December 2012 video Christmas card! An intelligent film, designed for the limitations of fursuits, by Reeve, EZwolf, and Shay, with music by Fox Amoore. It is already on the UMA's 2012 Recommended Anthropomorphic Dramatic Short Work or Series list.


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Is it my imagination, or does the bartender look extremely like Michael-Scot McMurry's Zonie Coyote?

Fred Patten

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How does one submit Furry Videos to UMA?

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Here is the Ursa Major Awards weblink. There is a Recommended e-mail link on the Recommended page. Videos of Fursuit performances go into the Recommended Anthropomorphic Dramatic Short Work or Series category. Hurry if you have a 2012 recommendation; the 2012 list closes on January 15th.

Check the current Dramatic Recommendations to make sure that your choice has not already been Recommended. There are already 36 recommendations in this category, including Fursuit videos, TV commercials, student animation films, music videos, and TV animated series.

Fred Patten

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The music here appears to be Santa Baby, written in 1953 by Jan Javits and Philip Springer and first sung by Eartha Kitt, later by over two dozen vocalists. How is it by Fox Amoore?

Fred Patten

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I'm guessing he rewrote, supervised and did a lot of it. Though if it is modified then it should have been credited to the original composer too. It's a cool little clip though.

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Yes, it is. I'm still nominating it when the 2012 Ursa Major Awards nominations open in January.

Fred Patten

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