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Animation: 'Turbo' is speeding toward us at a snail's pace

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Turbo the snailDreamWorks has released its first teaser trailer for Turbo, an animated feature about a snail obsessed with speed. It is all over the Internet; has the teaser and a plot synopsis. Ryan Reynolds voices Turbo the snail; Samuel L. Jackson is Whiplash, another snail. The feature arrives on July 19, 2013; a TV animated series is to follow.

DreamWorks Animation may be able to anthropomorphize a snail, but even they can’t make him (shouldn’t it be “it”? [or “hir”?]) cute. At least they got the eyes on the stalks right, instead of putting them under the “feelers”.

Samuel L. Jackson is the voice of Whiplash the snail. Let’s see; Samuel L. Jackson has been the voice of Tendai, a falcon in Zambezia; Rumbo, a dog in Fluke … hmmm; I guess that all of his other voice work has been as humans, such as Frozone in The Incredibles. Well, I’m sure that more anthropomorphs loom in his future.

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2013 is looking to be the year of the anthropomorphic snail between this and Blue Sky's Epic.

An animated series? Seriously?

Well, looks like this is the money movie while The Croods is the prestige picture for DreamWorks next year. Pixar looks weak again, with Monster's University (last time Pixar put out a sequel to a movie that lost the Oscar race it was ... ugly), but it's probably not out of the running. However, Disney's Frozen or even the aforementioned Epic sound better on paper. But, who knows? Maybe jit's GKIDS year; go Ernest and Celestine!

Uh, maybe should have posted this in my column's comments ... kinda wandered.

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I don't care if even from the previews I can tell that Monster's University is a steaming pile of bantha poodoo.

If it is a freaking sequel (well, prequel) to Monsters, Inc. I will throw all my money at Pixar just to see it.

Because nostalgia

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Epic features a slug, not a snail, although they are both hermaphroditic gastropods.

Fred Patten

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I suppose that we're lucky that Turbo is a common garden snail and not one of those giant African snails that are invading Florida.

Fred Patten

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Here, thanks to the Cartoon Brew website, is Turbo trailer #2:

Fred Patten

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The link to the official Turbo website:

Fred Patten

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The final Turbo trailer:

Fred Patten

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And now comes "Turbo F.A.S.T." To Netflix. In Flash animation. I know that there is a difference between computer graphic animation and Flash animation, but I have never seen such a graphic demonstration of that difference! Thanks, Animation Scoop.

Fred Patten

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