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Tailly continues to wag on Indiegogo

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TailyFollowing an unsuccessful campaign on Kickstarter (covered last month), Shota Ishiwatari has moved fundraising for Tailly, 'the tail that wags when you get excited', over to Indiegogo.

Tailly responds to the wearer's heartbeat, wagging fast when a raised heartbeat indicates high emotion and slowing with the pulse to a swing.

This time, the target amount is $50,000 – just over half the Kickstarter goal of £60,000 – which needs to be raised by March 7th, 2013 if the project is to be funded.

Taily choicesThe cheapest incentive, at $95, consists of one Tailly with the standard white furry cover. For $125, backers will receive three spare covers in addition to the basic package, in black, fox and pink. The pink and fox tails are Indiegogo exclusives, although other colours and patterns will almost certainly be made available if the project is a success.

The Couple Pack, at $190, includes the four different cover options and two Taillys, so you and a loved one can fight over your preferred colour. The other options are a $720 Party Pack (ten Taillys with white covers) and, for $2,400, a 40-unit bulk-buy package aimed at the retail – haha, retail – market. All prices include delivery in and outside the USA.

If Shota Ishiwatari reaches his fundraising target, parcels of waggy tails should start arriving on backers' doorsteps in September 2013.

See Tailly in action on YouTube, and follow Twitter and Facebook for updates.  


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It's nice that they're trying again, but if they didn't make a quarter of their goal over on Kickstarter, what chance do they really have of getting to half of that on Indiegogo? (Right now, they're just over $5000, or 10% of their new goal.)

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I think the publicity machine is in fuller swing this time round, but it does seem a bit quixotic. We will see!

~ Huskyteer

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Hi everyone. I'm helping Shota Ishiwatari with English communications since that isn't his native language.

Shota is thrilled to see an article on Tailly here. We are trying our best to get the publicity in machine going strongly now, although we have no professional marketing experience. Shota would like to reach out to the furry community and is open to any suggestions or comments you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Here's a suggestion: higher quality faux fur!

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Thanks for the suggestion!

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I'm delighted Shota has taken a look at my article :)

Would it be possible to demonstrate Tailly at furry conventions?

~ Huskyteer

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The travel costs are an issue, I'm afraid. I was able to bring the prototype to Arisia in Boston last month because I happened to have other business to take care of in Boston later that week, and the trip was funded by my company (my day job), but that only happens in January every year and only to Boston. Timing is also an issue since our campaign on Indiegogo ends on March 7. It would be difficult to attend Furry Fiesta in Dallas with such short notice, and that's the only one I can think of that would be appropriate, timing wise. VancouFur would be a bit too late...

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Well hey — I live in Dallas, fifteen minutes' away from Furry Fiesta, and was planning to attend throughout . . . if you just need someone to show it off and hand out fliers, and can handle the cost of shipping both, I could do that.

I could understand not wishing to entrust it to a random furry news editor, though, especially if you only have one. :-)

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Heheh, imagining you walking around at a con with a little tail wagging behind you.

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If only it came in green! Though purple would work almost as well, given the contrast.

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I once had to paint my feet green and purple for about a week! It was an antifungal liquid medicine, when I had a really bad case of athlete's foot while in college.

Fred Patten

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Hi GreenReaper,

Shota is very grateful for your generous offer and would like to take you up on it! We can send you two prototypes, flyers and the works.
Of course, we would cover the cost of shipping it over.
What is the best way to get in touch with you?

Thank you!

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Cool! Just drop me a line at my nickname or, use the contact form, or IM me via the services listed below my picture.

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Great. I have contacted you in Skype. Thanks!

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I need a link to where I can buy this online.

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You can't, because the campaign did not succeed, and so they did not go into production.

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Me too :)

~ Huskyteer

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Thank you :)

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Of course!

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I just don't have the money. :( I don't know for sure if I'm getting funding for my degree so I might be really short of cash soon.

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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Ouch. Best of luck.

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Pledges have now topped $10,000 - though it's $40,000 shy of the goal. Meanwhile, the inventor is getting some TV time, and has answered several questions about his project:

At one point, I did make a prototype Tailly that communicates and moves in conjunction with a necomimi, but that necomimi was a unit that I personally modified.

Wagging is fine if you’re a dog-person, but with Necomimi cat ears, won’t it look like you’re angry?

Yes, I believe a cat wags its tail when it’s on alert or angry. Dogs wag their tails when they’re happy or react to something positive, so I designed Tailly in the image of a dog’s tail.

Can this also be used as a lie detector? There is correlation between a person lying and higher heart rate.

ECG measurements at waist-level are not as accurate as those at chest-level, so Tailly is not accurate enough to serve as a genuine lie-detector device. That being said, it might be fun to use Tailly in place of a lie-detector device as a game at a party. The fact that it is not too accurate may actually be a good thing in that situation.

(I should be able to test that last one out in the Werewolf games at Furry Fiesta . . .)

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Thanks for posting that information, GreenReaper!

Yes, we are happy to have gone over the 20% mark.

I also think what helped was this article in the London Evening Standard for which we actually sent the prototype to England and the reporter tried it on in different social situations:
Me and my new furry friend: the Tailly is the accessory that wags in all the right places

Of course, we have high hopes for Furry Fiesta and are always open to suggestions for ways we can help to achieve our goal so we can make Tailly a reality...

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Advertising on FA? It's perhaps a little late, but you could still get a good two weeks in.

Sadly you can't say you'll have them ready for Anthrocon, but Midwest FurFest is in November . . .

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Actually, we already have an ad in FA :)

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The project did not meet its goal; it would have raised $16,215. A parallel Campfire campaign reached ¥559,500 (~$5,867).

I would like to suspend the Tailly project for the time being. If I tried to force Tailly into commercialization with an insufficient budget, I would be unable to conduct sufficient product development and testing, and would end up delivering an inferior product to all of you. That is because it would constitute a major risk for the factory and the distributor helping us manufacture and sell Tailly.

I have been in negotiations with trading companies concerning the initial manufacturing costs for Tailly. Although the immediate prospects of those negotiations have been significantly clouded by the result of the Indiegogo campaign, if I am fortunate enough to find a collaborator willing to make a large capital investment, I will relaunch the Tailly project.

Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote) incredible effort gone to almost waste...this is terrible. On the bright side, the longer the wait, the more likely the tail could be released. The funding may have not succeeded, but maybe we need to stop pretending like it's dead or something. Continue getting the word out. The internet is a powerful place, connected to powerful people. Nobody I knew had heard about this product, including me, until a few months ago, and we are all fascinated. Spread the word, and the buyers will come. Sadly, I don't have the resources to fund such a problem, but I know that if I tried I could help. Perhpas, if we get the word out, we'll have enough 'try-ers' to get this thing released! Tailly has my hopes and dreams.. Large capital investment..hmm...I'll ask around...see what I can do. Ha...i probably sound lame saying that. Eh xD

Kik:Blindfildcity ((Idk why you'd want to contact me..but er...i always leave some sort of contact for peepz, have a it is..? x3))

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