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Titanic: The Animated Movie

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Just what the world needs: a theatrical animated musical feature with funny animals about the sinking of the Titanic, in which everybody is rescued and lives happily ever after. I can hardly believe this is legitimate, but if it is a hoax somebody put a lot of work into it. Here is the summary at Jerry Beck's CARTOON RESEARCH website, which has a link to more details:

Bad Movie Planet, a delightful website which reviews the worst movies ever made (and the most obscure movies ever found on its Unknown Movies page), has found a copy of the Italian TITANIC: THE ANIMATED MOVIE, a European 2001 direct to video release.

This insanely bad idea is clearly aimed toward a family audience, especially with this blurb on the back of the video package: "CHILD-FRIENDLY ENDING ASSURES EVERYONE IS RESCUED AND LIVES HAPPILY EVER AFTER!" -- So much for life's harsh realities!

The box goes on to explain the film:"Set aboard the famous ship Titanic, where you will meet many lovable characters as they embark on a fun-filled adventure across the sea! Maxie the mouse, Geoffrey the cat, Danny the Dalmatian, Hector the Magpie and more!! Together these characters conjure up delightful entertainment for kids of all ages!

As it happened in the real story, the Titanic will hit the iceberg but only to determine the beginning of a new life full of hope for everybody!! Filled with hilarious antics, fun music and enchanting characters this movie is sure to be a hit with the entire family!"


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I don't know, this is about as scary as Disney making direct to video sequels for just about every movie they've released. Are they going to make another Snow White soon ?

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Remember the Saturday Night Live cartoon version of this?

Titty I think they called it.

It will suck with the force of a Black Hole if this is real.

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It was "Titey", a parody of a Disney theatrical trailer for an "absolutely historically accurate" musical version of the James Cameron feature with funny animals singing and dancing, "featuring Whoopi Goldberg as the voice of the iceberg", and of course everybody is saved. Saturday Night Live, April 4, 1998, filmed for SNL by J. J. Sedelmaier Productions, the White Plains, NY animation studio that usually specializes in TV animated commercials (the Volkswagen "Speed Racer" commercial is theirs).

Fred Patten

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Yes it does exist, and yes it's worse than you can possibly imagine. We saw this over the weekend, and... Words just don't do it justice.

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Hey Anon, did we see this together in Chicago?

Anyway, yes, this glorious stinkburger DOES exist. Our host supplied it from Chinatown, so the VCD (DVD-R?) we watched had Chinese subtitles.

The animation is horrid; full of wasted movement and dead space that does absolutely nothing to advance the storyline.

There are far too many characters--mostly the damned ethnic animals--to have development.

Oh, the animals... there's such an ethnic smorgasbord here that I'd love to know how a Mexican mouse mariachi band, hilbilly squirrel, et al can somehow get to Liverpool ONLY to get aboard a ship that will take them back across the ocean.

You'll never be able to watch this straight through without fast-forwarding through parts. It simply isn't human. If any DOES make it through the whole thing without touching a button, I'd like to know what you're smoking.

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