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Furry sci-fi series 'Delura' starts Kickstarter campaign

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Delura logoDelura is an independently-produced drama/space opera created by Ryan and Taben Roye of Tanadrine Studios. Started in 2010, the series is presented as a 3D webcomic and several animated shorts.

The titular Delura is the name of the galaxy in which the series takes place. The story includes many alien races resembling anthropomorphic animals, including vulpine and lupine beings. It centres on a felinoid mineship operator who finds himself with damaged memories in a strange medical ward, and reluctantly begins his new life whilst knowing nothing of who he was, is, or will be.

Ryan and Taben have started a Kickstarter campaign to fund Delura's 2013 season. A $6,500 goal has been set, to go towards providing more animations and webcomic content, and to upgrade hardware and software so as to improve the quality of the graphics.


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Looks like they are at the 1k mark... they're going to need help if they are to reach their 6.5k goal.

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The kickstarter campaign doesn't seem to have worked out. The campaign was cancelled after it became clear that it was not going to reach its target.

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