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Dogs help terrorist attack victims

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The Associated Press (by way of Yahoo! News) has a nice story about the role of dogs in comforting the friends and families of terrorist attack victims in New York City. This is an excellent example of therapy dogs in action.


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For some reason, I read that headline as "Terrorists use dogs to attack victims".

Ouch :)

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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I see what you mean. Maybe "Dogs help victims of terrorist attack" would work better? Naah, that could be read as "Dogs teach terrorist victims to attack". :-)

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This isn't the first time canines have been involved in headlines that seem to have double meanings. I seem to recall one that read:

"Psychiatrist Helps Dog Bite Victims"

For more goofy headline flubs, I recommend picking up any book from Richard Lederer's "Anguished English" series. You can find them in the Language section of any decent bookstore. No true wise-ass should be without them. ;)

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I had the same problem reading the headline. Probably would work best as "Terrorist Victims Helped By Dogs"

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