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MFF Charity Auction fast approaching...

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The second annual Midwest FurFest Charity Auction is only 19 days
away! That means if you've been meaning to create something for Uncle
Kage to auction off for Animals for Awareness, time is running short. Original items
like artwork, sculpture, fursuit components and other creative
products are very much desired!

But by no means are we limiting the items to handiwork. If you have a
plush, a stack of furry comics, a nonperishable food donation, a gift
certificate or anything else that may be of interest (and falls within
our item guidelines
), let me know!

I would like to hear from you before the con (November 16-18) if
you're planning to donate an item, so drop me a line at as soon as you can. Time is also growing short to mail an item if you can't make it to MFF and offer it in person, so hop to it! And thanks...


Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote)

I will be donating a 10oz tin [yes, you read right, ten ounces, nearly a pound] of peppermint Altoids. They're hard to find in stores.

Scrape your pennies together furs! See you at the con :)

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