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CBS ditches Wolf Lake

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CBS is placing its new TV series Wolf Lake on hiatus after its first four episodes averaged a disappointing 6.6 million viewers. More information is available from these stories at Reuters/Yahoo! and Sci Fi Wire.

(Partial credit for this story goes to petercat, who brought it to our attention.)


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Enh... I never really managed to get into it, frankly. They were spinning a decent background story, but doing it in that Chris Carter-esque "is what we tell you REALLY what we tell you?" way. In the end, the whole pseudo-Indian mythology that we heard about in the previews never even surfaced, the fact that half the town is wolf-changeling was unimportant, and the two veteran actors got shoved into restricted roles that gave them no freedom to act.

I am gratified to see the studio execs were at least partially responsible for the blinding stupidity of the first episode, at least. I was somewhat baffled by the shift in tone between the first episode -- which was trying to be "Twin Peaks", "Dark Angel", and the movie "Thunderheart" -- and the later espisodes, which turned into a softer character drama with some supernatural elements. It is nice to know the writers of the initial scripts had something more cohesive in mind.

At least before it got canned, we got to see (well, off camera) what I think is an American TV first. A human female raped by a non morphic wolf... Not sure if that is a plus or a minus, but there you are. :)

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