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Animal-headed humans appear in earliest art

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If you thought that the stuff on Avatar was old, then think again. NewScientist has this story about the earliest known Furry art.

They have pictures of 10,000 year old "Antelope-human hybrids" as cave paintings and even mention a 32,000 year old "androgynous feline-headed statuette from Germany".


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Amusingly, if you look closely at the picture that they dug up to go with the story, you'll note that it was already violating at least one set of subject matter standards -- thousands of years in advance...

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Awwww... just like now, it's the furries with the biggest penises!

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Speaking of Avatar, has anyone else been able to get to it recently? I've attempted to connect to it several times over about the last two months from two different hosts, and every time I've gotten a 'connection timed out' or some similar error. Anyone else having this problem, or know what's going with the site?
(I also tried this variation of the URL... same result. Another variation points to the FurryMuck website; a search of that site did not turn up any information about Avatar and an email to the site admin went unanswered.)

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