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And the bad sex award goes to...

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Just when you thought literature awards were too pretencious for words, comes the naming of the winner of the annual "Bad sex in literature"award. Unlike some bad writting awards, where people purposefully pen purple prose, this takes unintentionally bad works and gives them their do.

Though I don't dare repeat the winning passage, excerpts can be found in the above articles, and a discussion of previous year's winners can be found here, with such romantic phrases as "Liz squeaked like wet rubber" and "Their jaws ground in feverish mutual mastication."


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Sure sounds like something this fandom could use. The rampant porn doesn't bother me so much as the rampant BADLY DONE porn -- something that several other folks have pointed out here before.

Talking literature rather than furry here, anyone know if American Psycho won the BSA?

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In a similar vein, there is the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest, in which participants are encouraged to submit the worst opening sentence of a story they can think up. Unlike the Bad Sex in Literature award, this one accepts and encourages entrants to conjure up deliberately bad entries. Past winners may be found at the website.

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