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HBE Corp. Selling Philadelphia Adam's Mark Hotel among others

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This is a noteworthy event as that's where AnthroCon for the next few years is/was going to be held.

Click here to read the e-article from the Philadelphia Inquirer:


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So.. how does that affect the con?

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Depends. It might not. Midwest FurFest went through a hotel ownership change (or maybe it was just a name change, I actually don't remember. It went from a Hyatt to a Sheraton, though), and we had no problems.

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Almost all contracts specifically apply both to the current people that own the hotel (or the convention) and to their successors, subject to the approval of AnthroCon. In short, AnthroCon should have no problems with staying at the same physical location, even if it's a different owner.

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AS long as that awful restaurant changes hands, I am a happy tiger

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The restaurant wasn't that bad, as hotel restaurants go.

Now, the elevators...

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According to Dr. Conway, the deal is not finalized yet and could still fall through. Also, the new owners must honor the contracts of the previous owners. Anthrocon has a contract through 2003.And, on a positive note, the new owners might actually fix the elevators.

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