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Spellsinger: The Movie?

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Here’s another one that somehow slipped through the cracks: A group of fans have been working on their own to try and create a movie adaptation of the Spellsinger series of fantasy novels, having secured the rights from writer Alan Dean Foster in 2011. Live action? Animation? Their web site isn’t very clear on that. It also hasn’t been updated since June of 2012, but they do have some interesting development artwork to show. What, you haven’t heard of Spellsinger? Go check it out — and its numerous sequels — right away! It’s one of the most influential furry-themed fantasy series ever created. Trust us.

image c. 2012 by Chris Wahl

And with that, we wish you all a happy and safe New Year. Stay Furry!


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Very interesting! Gorgeous concept art. I spent a while browsing the blog since this is the kind of idea i'm into.

The criticism that immediately comes to mind is... how on earth would a grassroots fan campaign acquire rights to the music in these stories? Hendrix, pink floyd etc... these are some of the most prominent properties the music industry has. In the state they are in currently, they dont give up those rights easily or cheaply. If this is meant to be a professionally made movie, I just dont see it happening without the backing of a major movie studio that happens to be part of a major record label that owns the songs in the book. And it couldnt have nearly all of them, because they surely arent owned by the same label. It is very rare, to get many companies to agree to licensing many properties together like that. Who Framed Roger Rabbit was one that did. Basically it seems to propose a $100 million budgeted blockbuster project. Dreaming is good, but if you arent starting with millions to invest and deep establishment in show business, chances arent so likely.

So what about crafting the story around original music... would it lose the concept? There are story points that tie to reader familiarity with the songs. Pink Floyd "money", beach boys "Little Deuce Coup" etc. Would it be the same story without that?

I didnt see these concerns raised at all and it says something.

Also the music dates it...they call them dinosaur rock bands. Not so fresh and currently relevant to younger people discussed as a target audience for this. Not so respected by music fans who consider the music business anti-artist and out of touch.

Besides music, the stories are full of entertainment, I agree. I read the books many times as a kid and they were some of my favorites. They are more fun and escapist than great literature. More entertainment than solid structure... pulpy, like b movie, cult movie material. In some ways its not helpful for making a movie- sticking strictly to the source sounds limiting. On the other hand it seems to offer good potential for adapting it with creative license by someone with screenwriting chops.

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I followed this from the beginning, so know where they're now hiding. :o)

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Can it be....😀😀😀. I have the complete set of books , and re-read over and over... And in my opinion, the greatest adventures ever. Surely, at last, a story to kick Lord of the rings into touch. Step aside J.K.R... it's time for J.T.M. Please let me live long enough to see it. Good luck to all of you responsible in this... At last, something to hope for. Boneyard signing off.

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Unfortunately as this post is now nine years old and the domain died at the end of 2014 with @no updates since the ones mentioned (and nothing on Twitter since 2013), it seems like it can't be. In the blog archives you can see the call to the fandom, but like many projects it never really got off the ground.

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