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'Peanuts' to appear as big-screen movie in 2015

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Peanuts, the much-loved comic strip by the late Charles M. Schulz, is set to become a 3D animated movie.

The movie, scheduled for release on November 6, 2015, is being made by 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios. The writer is Brian Schulz (the grandson of Charles), and the producer is Charles Schulz's son Craig. Craig Schulz is keeping details a secret, saying only "it's about a round-headed kid and his dog, and that's about as far as I'm willing to go".


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Hi I live in Australia and was wondering if the movie would be available to us down here in 2015 also and when will I be able to buy a copy of it. Best birthday present every to hear this Awesome, Awesome, Awesome oh yeah I am 43 today. Love, Love, Love snoopy Soooooooooo much. Have a great day. Thanx for making mine :-))

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The schulz museum is in my neighborhood... very inspiring to visit. You should travel here some time :) i hope the movie makes it to you before your next birthday... happy birthday!

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Thank you. So were is it? I didn't even know there was a schulz museum, I know it would be awesome. Cheers Patch

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Northern California - Santa Rosa, I think.

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