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VCL seeks "stability, if not relevance" with updates

Edited as of Thu 17 Jul 2014 - 08:43
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Could the VCL, once a key furry art site, reverse its trend towards irrelevance?
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On newly-reinstalled forums, site admin Ch'marr declared that he had:

[…] enough motivation collected to bring VCL back to stability, and perhaps some level of functionality to keep it a useful and enjoyable place to play around with. Certainly not to it's former "splendour", but that's not the goal.

While the VCL's main page still sports several broken links, it now includes a Twitter feed:

Back in 2005, the VCL's Swedish mirror server was pushing "6-8Mbits/sec" (roughly 1/3 to 1/2 of today's traffic to Inkbunny, SoFurry or Weasyl), with 40+ submissions a day. By 2009, though, it had virtually fallen out of the picture, with existing and prospective users having flocked to sites with such now-basic features as on-site comments, journals and private messages – and, perhaps as importantly, no barriers to entry.

Nowadays, uploads are few (NSFW), and signups impossible. But the VCL retains ~4500 registered users and a library of around 300,000 files, many belong to long-departed artists who have not shared them elsewhere. Perhaps, like Yerf and its archive, the VCL can yet be reinvented.



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VCL definitely needs some modern revamping, but I don't ever think it'll ever return to it's former glory. Whether or not VCL 'reverses it's trend toward relevance' it will always be regarded as legendary within the furry fandom, at least to me and many others.

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Honestly, other than maybe a better search function, VCL should remain the simple gallery that it is. I'm glad to see it's still up, and now being maintained again. So many pieces of the old fandom are gone.

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VCL went downhill after Brian Antoine quit running it.

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