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TOM & JERRY Animator RAY PATTERSON has died!

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"As if 2001 wasn't bad enough. Michael Mallory reports the sad news: "Ray Patterson passed away peacefully on Sunday, December 30th." He was 90 years old.
Here is his abbreviated bio, from the 27th Annie Awards (1999) program book:
"Over the course of an incredible 64 year career in animation, Ray Patterson has served in virtually every capacity in the medium, from inker to story man to animator and director.
He started in 1929 at the Charles Mintz studio, and a decade later moved to Disney, where he animated on Pluto cartoons and such features as FANTASIA and DUMBO.
In 1941 he joined MGM's Hanna-Barbera unit as an animator and, except for a year's sojurn in Britain to help set up an animation studio (with David Hand) for the Rank Organization, this was his home for the next dozen years.
In 1954 Patterson co-founded independent Grant-Ray-Lawrence Studios and operated it until the late 1960s, after which he worked for Hanna-Barbera (co-directing the feature CHARLOTTES WEB), Fred Calvert Productions and Sanrio Productions.
In 1976 he rejoined H-B as a director, eventually becoming VP in charge of animation direction, a post he held until his retirement in 1993."
Patterson animated on 60 Tom & Jerry cartoons, was behind the first Marvel Superhero TV cartoons, and directed the feature film GO-BOTS: BATTLE OF THE ROCK LORDS (1986). A wonderful extensive interview with Ray appeared in ANIMATION BLAST #5."


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