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Furry comics for April 2015

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You might have noticed for the past couple of months, I’ve actually only been listing single issues, and no longer including collections or even standalone graphic novels. I have a good reason for this; it’s because I’m lazy. So, solicits then.

Action Lab

Hero Cats #5
Written by Kyle Puttkammer, art by Marcus Williams
32 pages, full color, US $3.99, rated all ages
“Everything has been building to this! Secrets are revealed as the masks come off. The Hero Cats must defend the home front as Galaxy Man unwittingly returns to his observatory with an infestation of space bugs.”

Antarctic Press

Gold Digger #222
Writing and art by Fred Perry
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
“Gina, Penny and Professor Trixie Rabinowitz enter the dimensional peninsula of Transylvania, where dark undead prey upon the terrorized human villages. The horrors greet the new visitors with amused smirks, only to realize the peril THEY face from Trixie’s brutal application of the tech she’s borrowed from Gina and Penny!”

Archie Comics

Sonic Boom #7
Written by Ian Flynn, art by Ryan Jampole
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
“It’s wacky-racin’ adventure in Everybody’s Super Sonic Racing Part Two. Dr. Eggman’s fun and friendly go-kart challenge has turned deadly! But, really, who didn’t see that twist coming? Can Sonic salvage the race and prove to the bad doctor he can win fair and square? More importantly, can Sonic survive long enough to return to the race course?! Discover the fate of life, limb and ego in this super-fast story with cover art from Sonic comic fav Jamal Peppers, and an all-new insubordination variant cover from painter Erik Ly!”

Sonic the Hedgehog #272
Written by Ian Flunn, art by Diana Skelly and Edwin Huang
“Time is up, the Worlds Unite crossover is almost upon us! A Ray of Hope. As Sonic and the Freedom Fighters continue their journey to save the shattered planet, Sonic and Chip journey to Apotos to uncover the secrets of the Gaia Grate! Meanwhile, Knuckles and the Freedom Fighters take on a titanic challenge of their own! Does Sonic have a hope in saving the world? Will battle tear the freedom fighters apart first? Find out the answers to these and more exciting questions as our heroes journey to the much-awaited crossover event of the year, Worlds Unite! Featuring new cover art from Edwin Huang (Uncanny Skullkickers) and a crazy-new photo variant cover you’ve gotta see to believe!”

Sonic Universe #75
Written by Ian Flunn, art by Tracy Yardley and Patrick Spaz Spaziante
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
Sonic Universe has reached 75 thrilling issues, and we’re celebrating in style! Fury: The race is on as Sonic chases down Metal Sonic for one of the sought-after Chaos Emeralds! But when their chase takes them to a very unexpected place, Sonic’s worth as a hero may be put to the test! Can Sonic win the day, secure the emerald and retain his sense of self by the end? As our journey to Worlds Unite crashes to a close, join us in celebrating the longest-running Sonic the Hedgehog spin-off comic in history with 8 variant covers from your favorite Sonic artists! Featuring cover art from Patrick SPAZ Spaziante, Tracy Yardley, Ben Bates, Tyson Hesse, EGA Studios, Patrick Thomas Parnell, Lamar Wells, Evan Stanley and Jonathan H. Gray!”

Bongo Comics

United Plankton Pictures

SpongeBob Comics
Writing and art by Vincent DePorter, written by Derek Drymon, art by Gregg Schigiel and Bill Sienkiewicz
32 pages, full color, US $2.99
“When SpongeBob’s most awesome feats of fry-cookery fail to impress Mr. Krabs, the desperate sponge resorts to forbidden experiments to push himself up the short-order evolutionary ladder. Behold the all-encompassing kitchen power of FryCook 2.0. Then, in Mommie Drearest the Flying Dutchman must beg SpongeBob to help him clean up his act before his ghostly, yet persnickety, mother visits. All this plus aquatic comics by Stephen DeStefano, Maris Wicks, Joey Weiser and more!”

Boom! Studios

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes #6 (of 6)
Written by Michael Moreci, art by Dan McDaid and Christopher Mitten
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
“Final issue! Koba and Pope come face-to-face. In this ultimate fight for dominance, Koba will learn that sometimes Caesar doesn’t know what is best for all apes. Malcolm, in a race against time, must find a way to reunite mother and son before it’s too late. Nothing could have prepared him for the horrors he has faced.”


Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Vol. 3 #2 (of 4)
Writing and art by David Petersen, Dustin Nguyen, Kyla Vanderklugt, witten by C.M. Galdre, art by Nicole Gustafsson
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
“Gather ‘round in the June Alley Inn for more mouse tales. Dustin Nguyen (Batman: Li’l Gotham) tells the story of a dying raven, while Kyla Vanderklugt (Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Witches) spins a tale of a lovely and brave mouse dancer. And C.M. Galdre (Duelist) and Nicole Gustaffson (Nimasprout) tell the story of a town whose protective walls have fallen.”

Boom! Box

Teen Dog #8 (of 8)
Writing and art by Jake Lawrence
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
“Final issue! Appropriately, it’s summer vacation time! Man, this year has really flown by. Time to get together with your friends and enjoy the summer while it lasts, ‘cause the future is always out there waiting for you.”


Adventure Time #39
Written by Chris Hastings, art by Zachary Sterling and George Bletsis
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
“The entire world of Ooo is not able to cook but Jake comes through and saves the day with his sandwiches. It’s not over yet, though, as the witch is gonna summon her ultimate monster baddie.”

Bee and PuppyCat #11
Writing and art by Joy Ang, Chrystin Garland and Mad Rupert, art by Kelly Bastow
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
“Bee finds a lucky coin and keeps winning all the games! PuppyCat is lost? Bee wants to cook food?! It’s a new issue packed with trouble only Bee and PuppyCat could get into.”

Garfield #36 His 9 Lives (Part 4 of 4)
Written by Scott Nickel, art by Andy Hirsch, Frazer Irving and Genevieve FT
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
“In the final issue of Garfield: His 9 Lives, Frazer Irving brings us the scary story of Lab Cat, and Garfield veteran Genevieve FT takes Garfield into the future with Space Cat!”

Peanuts #27
Writing and art by Charles M. Schulz
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
“With the excitement and love we got for our oversized issue #25 special, we wanted to treat readers to another full-length adventure. Coming in at 22 pages, Get Well Soon, Charlie Brown! will remind readers why we all can’t help but love good ol’ Charlie Brown.”

Regular Show #22
Written by Mad Rupert, art by Allison Strejlau and Andy Hirsch
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
“At a local Nostalgia Night at a comics shop, memories of the weird movie Rigby saw as a kid begin to return. When he and Mordecai search the Internet to find more details, they discover a strange code hidden in the message boards.”

Dark Horse

Abe Sapien #22
Written by Mike Mignola and Scott Allie, art by Max Fiumara and Dave Stewart
32 pages, full color, US $3.50, on sale Apr 8
“A tranquil Texas town, the last safe place in America, erupts in supernatural violence as Abe Sapien gets a true taste of Hell on Earth, and the lonely road he’s walked since leaving the Bureau gets even lonelier.”


Looney Tunes #224
Written by Sholly Fisch, art bay Walter Carzon and Horacio Otiolini
32 pages, full color, US $2.99, rated E, on sale Apr 1
“Catching a train is one thing, but it’s another thing entirely when a new subway line plows a tunnel straight through Bugs’ underground living room! Bugs tries to talk to construction crew foreman Yosemite Sam about the wreck but gets blasted with TNT instead. Of course you know … this means war!”

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? #56
Written by Matthew K. Manning, art by Scott Neely
32 pages, full color, US $2.99, rated E, on sale Apr 8
“The gang in the Mystery Machine decides to stay at Hotel Hush to find out if it’s really haunted by the ghost of its old caretaker, Mrs. Clangor. But as they try to uncover her secret passageway – which, legend has it, leads to a dungeon where she locks up noisy guests – Velma goes missing! Can the rest of the gang figure out the secret of Hotel Hush before it’s too late, or will they all disappear one by one, too?!”


Fables: The Wolf Among Us #4
Written by Matthew Sturges and Dave Justus, art by Stephen Sadowski, Shawn McManus, Travis Moore and Chrissie Zullo
40 pages, full color, US $3.99, rated mature readers, on sale Apr 8
“Bigby’s search for clues leads him to a barstool at the Trip Trap, where he gets conflicting history lessons from Gren and the Woodsman. It’s exactly like Rashomon, right down to the bloody brawl with a giant swamp monster ten feet away from a clogged men’s room toilet. And by the end of this pivotal issue, the mystery will be deeper – and darker – than Bigby and Snow ever could have seen coming!”

Wolf Moon #5
Written by Cullen Bunn, art by Jeremy Haun and Marguerite Sauvage
32 pages, full color, US $3.99, rated mature readers, on sale Apr 1
“How did Cayce transition from loving wife and mother to monster hunter? As she and Dillon head to West Virginia to confront the Wolf, memories of the night that changed her life forever flood her mind while Dillon’s resolve to kill the Wolf is strengthened as he vows for his vengeance. Elsewhere, the murder who has been butchering the Wolf’s hosts is determined to see his work through to its bloody conclusion and embarks on a sinister endgame.”


Angry Birds Comics #10
Written by Paul Tobin, art by Stefano Intini and Paco Rodriques
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
“The pigs decide to build the ultimate fortress but can they muster up enough brainpower to find new ways to stop the Angry Birds?!”

Littlest Pet Shop: Spring Cleaning! One-Shot
Written by Georgia Ball, art by Nicanor Pena and Antonio Campo
48 pages, full color, US $7.99
“Back by popular demand! The Littlest Pet Shop gang returns in this all-new spring special!”

My Little Pony: Fiendship is Magic #1: Sombra
Written by Jeremy Whitley, art by Brenda Hickey and Amy Mebberson
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
“What caused Sombra to become one of the most feared ponies in Equestria’s history?”

My Little Pony: Fiendship is Magic #2: Tirek
Written by Christina Rice, arty by Tony Fleecs and Amy Mebberson
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
“Tirek’s mad quest for power starts here!”

My Little Pony: Fiendship is Magic #3: Sirens
Written by Ted Anderson, art by Agnes Garbowska and Amy Mebberson
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
“The Sirens from Rainbow Rocks Equestria origin revealed!”

My Little Pony: Fiendship is Magic #4: Nightmare Moon
Written by Heather Nuhfer, art by Tony Fleecs and Amy Mebberson
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
“The untold story of what Nightmare Moon did during her time on the moon!”

My Little Pony: Fiendship is Magic #5: Queen Chrysalis
Written by Katie Cook, art by Andy Price and Amy Mebberson
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
“The ponies visit the imprisoned Chrysalis … what secret is she hiding?”

Star Trek/Planet of the Apes #5 (of 5)
Written by Scott Tipton and David Tipton, art by Tony Shasteen and Rachael Stott
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
“The battle for conquest of the Planet of the Apes comes to a climax! Can Captain Kirk wrest control of the Gorilla army from the Klingons?”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #45
Written by Tom Waltz and Kevin Eastman, art by Mateus Santolouco
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
“The Turtles return from Burnow Island to find unimaginable tragedy. As the family struggles to cope, and enrage Foot Clan prepares its revenge. It’s all been building to this … the start of the final storyline leading to #50!”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutanimals #3 (of 4)
Written by Paul Allor, art by Andy Kuhn
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
“The Mutanimals’ ranks have swelled, and they are ready to rumble! Null has a couple of surprises in store, though!”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: New Animated Adventures #22
Written by Paul Allor, art by Dario Brizuela and Chad Thomas
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
“Natural Enemies, Part 2. Stockman-Fly and Spider Bytez have teamed up! Will the Turtles be able to escape this web of villainy?!”

TMNT Color Classics Vol. 3 #4
Writing and art by Jim Lawson, written by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, art by A.C. Farley
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
“The TMNT Color Classics line continues! In City at War, Part Two, the TMNT are fractured, frustrated and confused and blame themselves for the escalating violence being caused by the Foot Clan in NYC. But how can the four brothers stop the chaos in the city when they can’t even quell their own internal conflicts? Originally printed in black and white as TMNT v1 #51.”

Uncle Scrooge #1
Written by Jonathan Gray and Rodolfo Cimino, art by Romano Scarpa and Giorgio Cavazzano
48 pages, full color, US $3.99
“Wak! Disney’s riches epic hero returns! In The Wrath of Gigabeagle, the McDuck Money Bin meets a monster-sized Beagle Boy mech!”

Image Comics

Elephantmen #64
Written by Richard Starkings, art by Calros Perdo and Pia Guerra
32 pages, full color, US $3.99, rated M, on sale Apr 29
“How did it get so late so soon? Hip Flask and Miki spend a night in?”

Mice Templar V: Night’s End #2
Writing and art by Michael Avon Oeming, written by Bryan J.L. Glass, art by Victor Santos and Serena Guerra
56 pages, full color, US $5.99, rated T, on sale Apr 29
“Running Red. The greates battle in the history of the Dark Lands continues … Tempar, Maevan, Rat, Bat, Cat, Weasel, Owl and Serpent wage war for control of the city … and the very destiny of the Shadow Time! Villains rise. Heroes fall. And the streets of Dealrach Ard-Vale run red with blood of all!”


Guardians 3000 #7
Written by Dan Abnett, art by Gerardo Sandoval
32 pages, US $3.99, rated T+
“Welcome to the 21st Century Earth, Guardians. Meet … the Guardians of the Galaxy! The Guardians meet the Guardians … what could POSSIBLY go wrong? Guest starring Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Drax, Gamora, Star-Lord … and Star-Lord … and … time-travel craziness!”

Guardians of the Galaxy #26
Written by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Valerio Schiti
32 pages, US $3.99, rated T
“It seems like the Guardians have forgotten something in all the cosmic craziness that’s been going on … Oh … that’s right … Peter got elected President of Spartax … wait WHAT?! Looks like he’s done a GREAT job escaping his father’s legacy. Guess he can even screw that up …”

Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men: The Black Vortex Omega #1
Written by Sam Humphries, art by Ed McGuinness
40 pages, US $4.99, rated T+
“The Black Vortex ends here! When an entire planet, and potentially the entire galaxy, is caught in the crosshairs of Knife’s cosmically empowered forces, the Guardians the X-Men face their final test. With billions of lives at stake, our heroes are forced to make the ultimate sacrifice. But in gaining the power to potentially defeat Knife, by submitting to the Black Vortex, could they have given up their humanity forever?”

Guardians of the Galaxy: Best Story Ever #1
Art and writing by Tim Seeley, art by Jacopo Camagni and Iban Coello
32 pages, US $3.99, rated T
“It’s not every day Peter Quill ends up in jail … wait … never mind, this happens a lot. But he DOESN’T always get Rocket stuck there with him. And he DEFINITELY doesn’t always regale the guards with the BEST STORY EVER! Let’s just hope he keeps their attention long enough for the other Guardians to bust him out …”

Howard the Duck #2
Written by Chip Zdarsky, art by Joe Quinones
32 pages, US $3.99, rated T+
“Howard’s first big case has taken him across the universe and landed him in the clutches of the Collector! But he’s not alone as the very popular Rocket Raccoon is a prisoner as well! Have you ever seen a comic book sequel to a post-credits scene in a movie? Well, you will now! Join comics legend Stan Lee in reading this issue (I’m assuming he’ll read it. Hi Stan!)!”
crossie’s note: Holy crap, did Rocket Raccoon just become the new Wolverine?

Marvel Universe Guardians of the Galaxy #3 (of 4)
Written by Joe Caramagna
32 pages, US $2.99, rated all ages
“Based on the hit new series, follow the further adventures of the Guardians of the Galaxy! Learn more about the most dangerous heroes in the galaxy! Continuing the adaptations of the red-hot animated shorts!”

Rocket Raccoon #10
Writing and art by Skottie Young, art by Jacob Parker
32 pages, US $3.99, rated T
“As the finest gun-wielding, pick-pocketing, smack-talking raccoon there is, Rocket’s skills are gonna get put to the ultimate test. Is he really alone?! Find out once and for all.”

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #4
Writing and art by Ryan North, art by Erica Henderson
32 pages, US $3.99, rated T+
“The final showdown between Galactus and Squirrel Girl is here! It’s the Power Cosmic versus the Power Chestnut: Who will win? Also, Squirrel Girl is late for class. So there’s TWO disasters coming!”
crossie’s note: I have no idea how Squirrel Girl got a T+ rating while Rocket Raccoon is a T. I think they’d both be disappointed.

Valiant Entertainment

Quantum and Woody Must Die! #4 (of 4)
Written by James Asmus, art by Steve Lieber and Mike Hawthorne
32 pages, full color, US $3.99, rated T+, on sale Apr 29
“A conspiracy is exposed! Plotters are thwarted! Would-be assassins get thoroughly trounced! Is there anything Quantum and Woody CAN’T do? But as the brothers settle into a steady rhythm, they discover the hard way that their lives will never be the same again. Not least because … UH-OHHHHH, THE GOAAAAAAT!!”
crossie’s note: That’s all folks … until next time, let the ponies hit the floor.


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