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What's going on on FurNation?

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Any idea of what's happening on Furnation lately? When I entered the site on 1 January there was a note that server is currently down and will be up again i few days. Now it's been more than 2 week and nothing!!!!! I'd be grateful if someone inform us what is exaclty going on...

Last I heard, the domain had been hijacked by a porn word on whether this has been resolved.


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Actually, the domain problem was resolved, but hot on its heels came this posting on January 2, 2002, from Cyber-Dillo:

Due to a failure of a memory module causing a system error, the web server for FurNation is off line. The FTP system is still operational but the error does cause sporadic reboots of the system.

We hope to get it back on line soon. But with other, PAYING, projects already taking precedence, it may this weekend before we can get it up and running again. Please bear with us.

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Thanks! That cleared up a lot! I owe you one...

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At least Furnation comes back up eventually when it goes down (or has so far at any rate). Does anyone know what happened to the Avatar archive? It used to be here or here, but neither of these URLs has worked at least since September 2001 (the responses I get seem to indicate that the domain exists but does not respond to requests). The Furrymuck website, apparently on the same server, works, but says nothing about the Avatar archive and does not appear to have been updated recently. At one time Furnation had a mirror, but it was removed some time ago.

Anyone know what's going on with Avatar? Is it gone, moved, or just experiencing technical difficulty?


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Google doesn't cache the page itself and (obviously) I can't verify it at the moment, but Google does show pages that have links to the Avatar archive at

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I can make a guess at what happened. FurryMuck recently moved to a brand new server, hosted by a different group of people. The previous admin transferred control of the domains to this new group. I'll speculate that the Avatar archive didn't get transferred along.

Avatar is ancient, by current standards, but it would be sad to loose so much early (by internet time, anyway) work.

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I'll double check it when Furnation comes back up, but I'm fairly sure the Avatar site on Furnation no longer exists and any links to are outdated.

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Surprisingly enough, even if it's gone from Furnation, you can still get to it. Or at least some of it - I can't say how much of the archive remains, but check out the Wayback Machine - there's a surprising amount of material there.

Wow. The amount of storage required for the Internet Archive must be staggering.

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