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Wallace and Gromit webtoons coming this fall

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(Well, Gromit is furry, so I guess this fits under Furry News)

CNN reports that Wallace and Gromit creator Nick Park has made a series of one-minute shorts centered on Gromit demonstrating Wallace's wacky inventions.

There's a bit more to the story, Read More for details.

An odd twist, though: from Aardman Animation's press release:

Using a free CD Rom 'album', fans will visit chosen web sites to collect a series of short film clips. Each set collected unlocks a whole film for viewing from the CD. A new film will be available for collection onto the 'album' each weekend. This exciting new 'Movie Album' concept has been developed by Media Ideas Ltd. The films will be available from this Autumn.

This leaves me wondering how they will distribute this CD-ROM, and what platforms will be supported?


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