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Spirit trailer available for download... from a furry site??

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When I saw Dreamworks had the new Spirit: Stallion of Cimarron was available for viewing on the Internet, I was thrilled. I had heard wonderful reviews of this stunning piece of film. But when I saw the OFFICIAL DREAMWORKS LINK lead not to part of their site, but to a FURRY site, I was stunned.
Can it be that Dreamworks is not only encouraging their fans, but embracing their desire to spead things about this film on their own sites?

Whoo hoo!


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Heh :) Well, they must be getting smart and getting global.. "Why should we waste OUR bandwidth, eh??"

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*lol* Yeah suddenly everyone starts linking the file. And i didn't even make it ;) Just uploaded it to my Yahoo site (it was made by request from me and some other guys)

I really hope the host doesn't have a problem with the high traffic. Though i did give darkhorizons the link (i asked them to link my Yahoo group if he wanted to use the file. He didn >:/ )Sites like 'Coming soon' and 'Dreamworks fansite' already found the link by themselfs :P And ofcource the 'root'

I don't see any official site from dreamworks linking it however.

But anyway, notice there is also the original mp3 of the trailer (from the Ruby soundtrack) many images of new characters, plot info and reviews and much more available there :) You don't need to register to read and post!

Sorry. I decided i might as well plug the original site. 28 members in a few days :)



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I'm sorry. Apparently, the link from a BBC news page on Dreamworks did NOT lead to the real Dreamworks site, but rather to a fan site.

I'm terribly sorry for the mistake. Wishful thinking, I guess...

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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