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Mel. White Joins Shanda Fantasy Arts

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On, Mike Curtis of Shanda Fantasy Arts has announced that Mel. White will be joining the SFA team: "...She is assuming the job of ACQUISITIONS EDITOR, to seek out new life forms and new that's not right. She'll be looking for talented folks to contribute to NEW HORIZONS (general furry), MAGIC CARPET (children's furry) , FANTASTIC FURRY STORIES (all text), and our new adult anthology coming this fall, WILD ORCHIDS.

If you have some stories or art to submit, you can contact Mel at"


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Mel. is well suited to the job after her years of work on different furry and professional titles. She's an accomplished writer and artist who has a lot larger reputation than you may expect not just in the furry circles, but also in X-Files and romance novel areas as well. Her silly and zany stories about Coyote always bring a smile to my lips and her FurryMUCK tutorials have been very useful and make for entertaining reading. She's also one of the founders of the DALLAS BRAWL UPDATE along with Melody Luke. DBU has the distinction of being the longest running monthly fanzine around and it couldn't have made it this long without Mel.'s great help.

I believe she's a great candidate for this position with connections beyond the furry fandom which will open new doors to artists and writers.

Congratulations Mel.!

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Flinters... you're missing Mel.'s work in science fiction art (she is the editor for ASFA Quarterly -- the American Science Fiction Association Quarterly), her work with conventions (she is a member of the Dorsai Irregulars), her work with Toastmasters (regional president). She's webmistress for a number of fan sites. Oh, yeah. And she holds down a government job.

And that's not mentioning her artwork (mostly outside the fandom), the novel that she's written, or the other work she's done.

Yeah... I'm impressed that we have such a dynamic person in furry fandom.

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