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Live Animals at FC2002

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The Further Confusion staff has been working all year to keep with and
surpass our tradition of bringing live animals to our convention. To this
end, we have been contacting many organizations throughout the year. In
fact, negotiations between the hotel, some of the groups and us have
continued up to last weekend.
While all the parties involved are excited and interested in having the
animals here, there are certain logistic issues that prevent us from having the adult tiger we were hoping to. Fortunately, a young tiger
will be gracing us with her cuteness, along with many other animals and
avians including:

  • Wolf Hybrid (85% wolf)
  • Fennec Fox,
  • Serval Cat,
  • Spider Monkey,
  • 2 Conures,
  • Chameleon,
  • 2 Snakes,
  • Iguana,
  • 2 other Lizards.

Leon Horne
FC2002 Chairman


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I think the subject says it all.

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So you're completely against pets of any sort, yes? I take it you're against zoos and the breeding programs they have for endangered animals held in said zoos, too?

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There's a big difference between breeding programs and parading around a caged animal.

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Well, when one is parading around the caged animal in order to be able to continue feeding said caged, endagered animal rather than having caged, endagered animal put down, I'd take parading it around over death.

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Yet Skunks and Ferrets are still illegal in California.

Have to go to Anthrocon to see a live one.

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Grrrrrrrr. Don't remind me about this. Of course even though they are illegal I guess I must have had a cat that amazingly looked like a ferret for 12 years.

Conifur has a great mobile ferret enclosure every year and I so wish I could have taken Wart to an FC while he lived.

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Given that wolf hybrids are currently illegal in California for private owners to possess, along with a number of other species, I'd imagine the majority of these animals come from wildlife rehab centers, exotic animal rescues, and the like. When cats like the Serval have been found in the city I live in, often the investigators discover the animal has been modified by being declawed and, in some cases, defanged. If these are animals that are calm enough to be meeting large groups of humans, they are in all likelihood too imprinted to be returned to the wild. Certainly it would be nice for all of them to be roaming free, but I'm willing to bet that their individual cases, if probed, would indicate that as the *least* humane thing that could be done for them.

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Maybe.. but I just can't help but feel like maybe this sort of thing (originally wild animals, now 'tame' and on display at cons) might encurage people to do these horrible things animals. Or bread these animals, and instead of returning them to the wild, simply keeping them as pets in their homes.

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FC investigates the groups we use for the live animal drawing events, they are almost always Wildlife Sanctuaries and in fact often times become one of our sponsored charities. These same groups almost ALWAYS schedule a session about how bad it is for individuals to try and treat ANY wild animal as a pet.

We wouldn't do one without the other.

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Aah, good, I'm very glad to hear that. :>

Good luck with it.

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