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Coyote boards Portland's MAX

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Both links have pictures of the coyote aboard the train.

PORTLAND - An unexpected rider was spotted on Tri-Met's Airport MAX Red
Line on Wednesday, February 13 around 11:30AM. The small coyote boarded
at the Portland International Airport station. Port of Portland Airfield
Operations and Wildlife staff found the coyote and quickly released the
animal. Coyotes go out of their way to avoid humans and are more likely
to be afraid of people than vice versa. Tri-Met officials aren't sure if
[the coyote] had a valid transit fare.

Mwalimu writes: Click Read More for the second article/link

PORTLAND - Tri-Met may have a new spokes-animal for MAX.
Yesterday at around 11:30 a.m. a coyote boarded MAX at the [Portland
International Airport] station. Port of Portland officials and Animal
Control officials caught the animal and quickly released it.

Coyotes are timid creatures and are more likely to be afraid of people,
than people are of them.

In a bulletin, Tri Met stated: "It's not known if the coyote had a valid


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"Ho hum, another day, another roadrunner... Sigh, the old rat race...

Mmmm... rats.

What the...? Sheesh, here I am just trying to make ends meet, and I get stalked by paparazzi. Great."

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Is there a place where we can chip in to pay for the coyote's fare?

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