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"Schnozz," from the producer of "Shrek"

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From Yahoo News:

NEW YORK (Variety) - "Shrek" producer John H. Williams will develop a computer-animated feature based on "Schnozz," a British cartoon canine romp.

The picture concerns a crossbreed mutt and the coterie of rejected animals he meets as he attempts to follow in the footsteps of his famous police dog father. "Schnozz" was created by U.K. illustrator and character designer Gary Chapman and written by Jordan Katz.

The project marks one of the first to be developed by Williams' Vanguard Animation after it recently secured a $100 million indie production fund. Williams just produced the Jackie Chan picture "The Tuxedo" at DreamWorks.

Chapman designed the characters and story for "Junk," an animated musical in development at Warner Bros., and he designed the characters for Vanguard's upcoming production "Valiant," a parody of "Top Gun" portraying carrier pigeons serving in WWII Europe. Katz's credits include "Assault on Norway," a WWII thriller set up at DreamWorks.


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