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Joe Strike has made a name for himself with his recently published non-fiction book Furry Nation (which has been getting a good deal of attention, of course). But on a side note, Mr. Strike also recently commissioned his first fur-suit — or rather scale-suit, perhaps, as it is an anthro komodo dragon named Komos. Joe then hooked up with fellow writer Oliver Coombes and created Komos & Goldie, an action-adventure crime drama comic series that is decidedly for Mature Audiences Only. “Saurian servant of Circe herself! Sheela-Na-Gig, Celtic sex-goddess, reincarnated! He’s scaly, she’s shiny — together they’re deadly!” And they work to fight organized crime in their own way: Outside of the law, and with more than a bit of magick thrown in. Most of the black & white comic is illustrated by well-known furry and underground comic artist Kjartan Arnorsson. It’s available on-line and also in good-old paper fashion, and both include lots of extra illustrations of the characters by various artists.

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A much-appreciated article, many thanks!

Just to elucidate our creative timeline: Joe & I came up with our respective characters way back in 2008 and Kjartan started drawing pages in late 2011 -- years before Joe commissioned the Komos scalesuit from Artslave, in 2015 (debuted 2016). On the other hand, he was contemplating a costume as far back as 2010! So it's safe to say that Komos the scalesuit and Komos & Goldie the comic are parallel, long-gestating projects. (Our comic may well retain a playful immaturity, however...)

Speaking of which, anyone who wants a complimentary paper issue of Komos & Goldie, please contact either of us on FA or DM me on Twitter (accessible via the Tumblr comicbook site).

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Plus I've been thinking about and/or writing Furry Nation since 2008 or so. The book isn't out yet; it'll be published in Nook and Kindle formats in September, and as a paperback in October.

If you're interested in buying a copy please consider ordering it via my website--

--which will earn me a percentage of the book's sale in addition to the miserly royalty my publisher is paying me.

Thanx much!

- Joe

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Thank you for the clarifications! It was difficult for me to research some of the background on this.

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