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Joe Strike
New York, NY
Cartoons, cartoons and more cartoons (both animated and drawn). Also sci-fi/fantasy films and detective novels
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Animation journalist, longtime fur and author of Furry Nation (the history of our fandom as the contemporary expression of the ancient human instinct to anthropomorphize the animal world). Furry Nation will be published in 2017.

I'm the real-life 'kid in a candy store' - the one my parents ran in Brooklyn until I was 13. I was marinated in the pop culture stew of comic books, Warner Bros & Fleischer cartoons on TV and kids' matinee films I saw every weekend. I've always had a love of animation and of characters like Bugs and Pepe LePew, and often wished I could join them in their world - a sign of incipient furriness right there.

I worked for years in TV promotion at Bravo and then Sci-Fi Channel before going freelance. Since then I've written about animation and sci-fi/fantasy films for mainstream publications and scripted an episode of the Nick Jr. TV series "Wow Wow Wubbzy!"

I blog under the name "The Miscweant" on the animation industry website I've written the kids'/furry novel "The Incredible Hare" and host occasional audience-attended conversations with animation professionals at various NYC locations under the umbrella title "Interview with an Animator"

I didn't discover furry so much as furry discovered me via a flyer I received years ago, out of the blue for a 'furry party' at the Philcon sci-fi convention. No one had to explain it to me - I knew exactly what I was looking at and that I belonged there. I contributed to the furry 'zine Rowrbrazzle for years & now post on Fur Affinity.

So yeah, I've been part of the fandom since its earliest days - but don't call me a 'greymuzzle' or I'll punch you in *your* snout.

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Please Email me at joestrike[at]gmail[dot]com if you want to IM - I'm almost never on Skype or Yahoo IM but will sign on if I'm expecting hear from you.


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