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Spirit trailer up for viewing

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The new Spirit trailer is at Dreamwork's Spirit, Stallion of the Cimmaron site.
Much more horsie action this time around, plus a better idea of the plot. Enjoy.


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Yay! They're not talking!

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Warning: The trailer is not in an open format and is not viewable on OSs that aren't in bed with Microsoft, and the website makes use of stupid useless Flash animations.

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You'd rather it was animated gif?

Honestly, this isn't Slashdot. Move along, nothing to see here....

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If ya wanna see multimedia, then maybe you oughta get off your anti-corporate high horse and get some CAPABLE software. Wanna go non-standard, THAT is the price you pay, so don't whine about it.

hmmmm..... may be flamed for that........... oh well.

I liked the multimedia, m'self, though it was annoying when the flash started looping. This movie looks so good it's disgusting. I believe the horses may talk - I saw a trailer during today's viewing of Time Machine (also Dreamworks, so duh) and the voice narrating was obviously Spirit's.

That said - it looks GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. Dreamworks is so kicking Disney's @skii right now.

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This is a truely cool looking trailer, and I'm rather excited about this feature.

I appreciate the warning, but honestly, almost EVERY movie site is using quicktime and WMP. The exceptions are so few it would be hard to think of them. While I would like to see things saved in a nice MPG video layer 2, with DivX encoding, the MPAA and most major studios aren't going to make it that easy to have even PROMOTIONAL video of films redistributed beyond thier control. With the quicktime at least, there _is_ a way to download the file, however I don't remember offhand if there is a recent quicktime (free) player for *nix / Amiga. I'm sorrym but as with all the good new computer GAMES, if you want to watch a majority of the multimedia on the web nowadays, you need to be on a major operating system. Windows or Macintosh. Linux still (despite what some folks may think) is a minority.

Bah, anyway, Dreamworks has outdone itself. I loved the way El Dorado LOOKED (the story was... eh.) this seems to surpass that by far in design. I for one am eagerly awaiting it's release.

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