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Furry performers TiHusky and ShiaCabbit routed from home by devastating fire

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This Tuesday, ShiaCabbit, a member of the comedy skit group DifFURently that is known for performances on YouTube, tweeted that he had been aroused early in the morning by a fire that had consumed a neighboring complex. He took a recording of the inferno after having been evacuated from their own building.

After the dust had settled and the raging fires were finally doused, Shia’s roommate TiHusky (who performs in the fursuit Moji) posted a picture of the devastation and where their room was in relation to it. Unfortunately, damage from the nearby blaze had made their residence untenable.

In haste, they had recovered their clothes, essentials, and fursuits from the aftermath, but they were damaged with smoke, debris, and were water-logged. Currently they are looking to settle down and find a new place to live, and have shown gratitude for the support coming in from the community. They have noted that they are not personally asking for donations at this time and said they would set up a contribution page if they find the need for fiscal support.


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I've had a crappy week, one in which I know I could lose my home will need to move to a new one in a few months for the sake to keep my job.

But events like this make me thankful that I even have time to grasp such a concept and take it on my own terms. I can't even imagine having such an event of being without one's home in an instant and the stress that brings.

My best wishes to the both of them as they collect themselves. I'm glad they're alive and alright.

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I hope your situation improves as well, Sonious.

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Did they say where they were staying for the time being?

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I don't believe they have said this. Judging by one thank you video from Ti Husky taken from a bed, it seemed it was recorded in a hotel/motel room. They did mention in one video that they had dropped off some of their items in a friend's driveway for the time being until they can go through and salvage what they could.

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Do they have renters insurance?

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I hope, but am not sure.

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They do not. It expired shortly before the fire and was not renewed

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