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Furry artist Sebastian Rivers' home destroyed by fire

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On March 6th, 2015, furry artist Sebastian Rivers (known as "Lurid" or "Mori" in the furry fandom) and over 60 other people found their homes in Schenectady, NY engulfed in flames. Four people lost their lives in the blaze, and the rest became homeless overnight.

Besides losing his home and his four cats (who were like his children), Sebastian lost all of his sketchbooks, laptop and Wacom tablet: the tools he used for his digital painting, his sole source of income. For the time being, he has a place to stay, but it is temporary.

James Alexander Wolfe, who has been a friend of Sebastian's for a little over 2 years, has set up a GoFundMe Fundraiser account on his behalf. James has set the goal at $3,000, because with that money, Sebastian could buy a new laptop and tablet to re-establish his business, and have enough left over to help him get back on his feet.

As James puts it, "I hope you find it in your hearts to help my friend in his time of need, and I thank all of you that took the time to read this."

Update (June 6): If you prefer PayPal to GoFundMe, Sebastian wrote that "VGAcolor [at] is my Paypal email. even $1s help; i am really damn close!! so please help or [spread the word] if you can! thank you".

In addition to the GoFundMe, Sebastian is accepting commissions to do art (using pencil, ink and colored pencil) on 9x12 inches, 75 lb archival paper. Inked art is $20 (example) and colored pencil art is $50.

On June 2, Sebastian wrote "I'm a little over $100+ away from being able to afford a decent laptop".

On June 6, Sebastian updated "i am so close to have [scraped] together enough for a laptop that will do what i need it to and i can finally finish my old digis [digital commissions] and take new ones."


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