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Last Days to Register for CF2002

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Posted by Darrel Exline to "The pre-registration deadline [for Confurence] is fast-approaching and this is also the deadline for voting on the Ursa Major awards."If you haven't pre-registered yet for ConFurence 2002, be sure to download the pre-reg form at and mail it to us postmarked
by March 15th (This Friday!)

Page two of that form is also a ballot for the Ursa Major awards, with nine categories for the Best in Anthropomorphic Entertainment and Arts released in
the year 2001.

If you haven't already booked a room at the Hilton, they tell me that there is still space in our room block. Call them at 818-843-6000 and use the event code
of "ConFurence" to get the correct rates. If you book online at, use the 3-letter Group Code of "COF" for the correct room rates.

Standard rooms for one or two guests are only $99 per night, and Jr. Suites are $135 per night. These are *fantastic* rates for rooms of this calibre. Note:
3rd and 4th guests in each room will have to pay an additional $20 per night, each.

Southwest Airlines is having more point-n-click specials for airfare to/from many of its locations, and they are one of the 11 major carriers that fly into Burbank Airport.

This week's point-n-click specials that involve Burbank are:
Burbank, CA
$39 one-way, to/from Las Vegas, NV
$46 one-way, to/from Oakland, CA
$57 one-way, to/from San Jose, CA

We highly recommend flying into Burbank, as it is directly across the street from the hotel (closer, even, than the Orange County Airport was to the Irvine Hilton two years ago). Los Angeles International and Ontario, California
airports are also flight alternatives, but they are each 30 to 40 minutes away from burbank by car (in *good* traffic, which is rare in Southern California).

The ConFurence 2002 Website, which has been in dire need of maintenance for several months, is being completely rewritten by Crassus Destanion with a
Furry-Noir look and feel that has really impressed me. We hope to have it launched any day now.

The Online Store was revamped a couple months ago, and is online accepting credit card orders for memberships, sponsorships, and artshow spaces for
ConFurence 2002.

Both the CF2002 website and the Online Store can be reached from The ConFurence Group homepage at


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