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A Daphne And Velma Kiss?

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Just when you thought the creators of the Scooby-Doo movie couldn't sink any lower, word comes forth that a deleted scene involved Daphne and Velma sharing a passionate moment. Wacky comedy or scriptwriters living out their erotic fantasies?

from mwalimu: Apparently, one or both characters are supposed to be possessed in the scene in question. Even so...


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Wait a minite... that means that... Shaggy... Scoobie... and Freddy.... NOOOOO!

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Takes the Mystery out of teh Mystery Wagon, doesn't it?

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I hate you, Milkman Dan.

"We use them for divine retribution."

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According to the article, the ghost possesses people and transfers by kissing...

If I were directing the script, I emphatically would have Scooby get possessed. And I'd definitely want to see the scene of him getting possessed...

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We all new it was true. Velma has the brains after all. Someone had to be keeping that blond on the team, and the boys were not smart enough to do it.

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dude, way to ruin the show for me, i will never think of it the same now. whenever i see daphne and velma i'll be watching to see if it looks like theres any attraction. NOT RIGHT. Daphne belongs with Freddy... not velma?

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