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ConFurence 2002 Mystery LARP

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Somebody is going to die at ConFurence 2002!

Fitting in with this year's theme "Furry Noir" there will be a live-action Role Playing Game (LARP) occurring in the hallways at ConFurence, starting with a murder on Friday.

Are you a closet flatfoot? Do you wish to reawaken your Sam Spade genes and put on that fedora? Slinky babes, smoke-filled rooms, and when somefur cracks the case, they will walk away with a prize.

Want to know more? I guess you'll just have to be there, won't you?

ConFurence 2002: "Furry Noir" is taking place at the Hilton Burbank Airport Hotel and Convention Center From April 26 through April 28, 2002. With easy access to the Burbank Airport (just wait for the croswalk light to change and your're there!) Our rooms are only $99 per night for one or two guests, and $135 per night for Jr. Suites. Use the online event code of "COF" from the website, or call the hotel directly and use the event code "ConFurence" to get the correct rates.

At the door membership (required if you wish to participate in the LARP) will be $45 at the door. "Shopper's Passes" will also be available for Dealer's Room access only on a day-by-day basis.


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