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New Bugs Bunny Live-Action Film In The Works

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Your rating: None Average: 5 (3 votes) reports that a new live action-animation Bugs Bunny film is being worked on. Faint promises suggest that it won't be another Space Jam disaster and that they're going to try to do this one "right". Is that possible anymore? Here's tidbits:

Tentative title: "Back in Action"
Live-action director: Joe Dante
Live-action co-star: Owen Wilson
Screenplay by John Requa & Glenn Ficarra and Larry Doyle
Tentative Release date: Nov 2003

For the full scoop:


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live action would definitely NOT be doing it right no matter who was doing it - personaly i liked hannah's charicters better then bluth's - but that's neither here nor there - as for doing the buggie right - it'd hafta be flat color 2d animation like he was from the begining - anything else just wouldn't be the real buggs ... ~;)

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"Space Jam" may not be the greatest movie of all time, but I would hardly call it a disaster. I just watched it with my kids again last week and still find it to be a fun and enjoyable movie. Certainly by any measure of commercial success, it did well. (Did this movie give us Lola Bunny, or does she predate it?)

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Yes, Lola was made for this movie

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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Looney Tunes purists frequently comment that Space Jam was a sellout to commercial interests. Not only weren't the characters portrayed innovatively and with bad voice jobs, but political-correctness reduced the cast to a pale shade of their classic selves in a giant NBA commercial.

I agree that it will be *extremely* difficult to produce a live-action/animation combo with any success. With the exception of Roger Rabbit, it's rarely been accomplished since the old Disney days, and in these days of rampant commercialism it'll be almost impossible to find your favorite classic characters doing anything besides pushing brand-name products.

Unless a miracle happens, the golden age of classic animation shorts is over. 7-minute cartoon stars of yore can't stand up to a 90-minute feature. The result is a watered-down commercial for Nike, Pepsi, or the movie's toy-line. Sure, the kids will love it, but kids have no appreciation for the value of classic material because they can't get it anymore, what with Cartoon Network, the exclusive source, censoring their material for PC-ness (see the Speedy Gonzales story). All that matters is that their parents will spend money for it - produce the minimum quality material for maximum profit.

What do kids want to do after seeing a Bugs Bunny cartoon? They want to see another Bugs Bunny cartoon. What do kids want to do after seeing Space Jam? They want to go to a basketball game, buy basketball merchandise, buy Space Jam toys, videos, clothes...

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Okay, I see your point.

I think the days of 7-minute animation shorts were numbered when they stopped running cartoons in theatres before feature films (sometime in the mid-1960s, if memory serves).

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