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ConFurence Hotel Group Code changed

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The Room block for ConFurence 2002 (April 26 to April 28, 2002) at the Hilton Burbank Airport has been extended!

However, when extending our room block, the hotel used a different Group Code for making reservations, which is causing some confusion. The old Group Code of "COF" will cause the online reservation system to say that no rooms are available, because our new Extended Room Block is listed now with the 3-letter Group Code of "COG".

We apologize to anyone who had difficulty this weekend booking their room through the online reservation system. Try again with the Group Code "COG" and you shouldn't have any problems.

Selling room nights at the hotel is the only way that our meeting space is paid for, and to Thank those of you who are staying at the hotel, we are offering a Discount on At-door registrations, rolling the price back to $35 if you have a room at the Hilton.

Have your hotel reservation confirmation number handy when you arrive at the convention to show that you have reserved a room, and our registration staff will give you the discount when you purchase your membership.If for some reason you are still having problems booking a room online, call the Hilton directly at 818-843-6000 and use the event name "ConFurence" or the full code "COG425" and they should be able to reserve your room without any trouble.

Standard Rooms at the Hilton Burbank Airport are $99 for 1 or 2 guests, and $20 additional for 3rd and 4th guests. Junior Suites, which have a separate living room and bedroom with two televisions, are only $135 each for one or two guests.

At-door registration for the convention is normally $45 per person. One-day shopper's passes will also be available, but will only permit entrance to the Dealer's Room and nowhere else.

Be sure to Reserve your hotel room as soon as possible, since even if you change your plans, you can always cnacel your reservation 48 hours in advance and not pay a penalty. If you wait until the last minute, though, you might have to pay the prevailing rate for your room (As of 3/31/02 the prevailing rate was $137 per night for standard rooms... I've seen it as high as $179 at this hotel on busy weekends).


Darrel L. Exline
Director, The ConFurence Group
Chairman, ConFurence 2002
[ConFurence 2002: Furry Noir]
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