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Furries to occupy castle in the UK's Wild North

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Wild North's red squirrel mascot TwizellLast year's trial run saw 12 furs inhabit a bunkhouse. This year there's room for 82, in a grade I listed castleportions dating from the 13th-14th centuries.

From the oldest active fur con, to one of the newest: Wild North, held in Northumberland, just shy of the Scottish Borders, is looking to spread its wings, with falconry, archery and the cult game of Werewolves taking place at the venue over September 27-30.

Staying Friday 3 PM to Monday 11 AM costs £150 for buffet food, soft drinks and beds, but not bedding. A recent announcement added two-day weekend and single-day residency options, for £100 and £50. But prospective castle-dwellers must hurry; registration and payment is to close this Saturday, August 31.

Organizers have avoided publicly posting the event's location, citing venue requirements not to do so; only to say that they can provide a shuttle from Haltwhistle station. But there aren't many castles in the region – at least, not suitable for habitation, let alone a game of Kubb, a puppet panel, or an evening's storytelling.

While it's just a month away, Advance tickets can still be had for roughly half the price of admission or less – including cheap fares from Birmingham on Friday, and back on Monday morning. There are also trains back to London from Chester-le-Street, the closest station to the optional post-con visit to Beamish Museum (which took place last year, and will end at 5 PM). This costs £19.50; transport can be provided.

Further details: Wild North's website and their announcements channel and associated group chat on Telegram, led by red squirrel mascot Twizell.

Wild North 2018

This video blog for the prior year was provided by Kivuli and includes an introductory sequence; see also Wild North 2018 photos by Gamepopper.


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One thing I forgot to mention: judging by last year's video, and the prospective event schedule, their soft drink remains the botanically-brewed, German Shepherd Dog-approved Fentimans.

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This is from a Fentimans statement over an alcohol controversy in the US.

It accuses "a small town in the former colony of the United States of America [of getting] their knickerbockers in a twist about our Victorian Lemonade … [and] calling our delicious soft drink an "imitation liquor". How rude …"

The statement concludes by telling "any concerned citizens of Houlton, and the law enforcement officers and officials" to steer clear of the company's other soft drinks as their consumption "can only be described as 'deeply enjoyable'. For which we sincerely apologise. Sorry. Apologize."


"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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