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CF2002 At-door Registration Discount!

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If you are staying at the Hilton Burbank Airport in the ConFurence 2002 room block, you can still buy your at-door membership at the pre-registration price of $35.

At-door memberhsips are normally $45 per person, but to send a SPECIAL THANK YOU to all the people who have been booking rooms at the hotel, we will roll back the At-Door registration price for Hotel guests at ConFurence 2002 to only $35 per person.
Bring your Hotel reservation confirmation number to the ConFurence At-door registration line to claim your discounted membership. All members whose names are on the reservation can purchase at-door registration at the discounted price.

The guest rooms in our block are $99 per night for one or two guests, and $135 per night for Junior Suites. Third and 4th guests pay an additional $20 per night.

Guests of the hotel also get in-an-out parking privileges, and we're going to try to think of some other ways to say thanx for staying at the hotel by the time the convention starts.

Our recently extended room block still has many rooms available on every night of the convention. This is a really big hotel, so they are not likely to fill up!

You can book your rooms online at using the 3-letter group code "COG" or you can call the Hilton directly at 818-843-6000 and use the event name "ConFurence" or the code "COG425" to get the correct rates.


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