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Materials needed for CF2002 Tribute Room

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As part of our programming for ConFurence 2002, we will be hosting a 'Tribute Room' for folks within and around Furry Fandom who have left us since last year's convention, and for that, we would like to make a request:

If folks who're coming to the convention (or live near it) have material of an interest to the folks we're remembering, we'd like to borrow it for our display.

Do you have books, pictures, tapes, or other materials relating to (in no particular order):

*Chuck Jones
*William Hanna
*Maurice Noble
*Poul Anderson
*Gordon R. Dickson
*Tove Jansson [Creator of the Moomin Trolls]
*Eve Titus [Creator of Basil of Baker Street]

If you do, could we make use of it?

[more...]Now, about security: Most material will be kept under plastic sheeting, unless it's something we're specifically told it's okay to touch, like a book or something. The Tribute Room will be located adjacent to the hotel lobby [at the Burbank Airport Hilton], and will be locked up tight each evening. All borrowed materials will be promptly returned at the end of the convention.

Please contact Rod O'Riley at or if you think you can help. And thanks ahead of time! Blessed be.

ye ConFurence programming being

(Posted by Darrel L. Exline, Chairman, ConFurence 2002)
[ConFurence 2002: Furry Noir]


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