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Help Jim Hardiman!

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An urgent email went out today to Rabbit Valley Books customers regarding Jim Hardiman's medical emergency: complications surrounding his diabetes are causing problems that, without surgery, threaten blindness. Instructions on how to help follow...From Sean Rabbitt:
We have some very important news regarding the health of one of our artists, Jim Hardiman (Skunkworks, Bigger Than Life, and many other portfolios and comics). Jim's doctor has determined that he must have eye surgery to correct a problem caused by his diabetes. Without it, Jim may possibly go blind.

Being a self employed artist, Jim has no medical coverage and needs as much financial support as possible.

We presently owe Jim thousands of dollars, but because of the lawsuit, we arranged to pay him over time. We have no more money to send him the full amount owed right now as RABCO still needs money for basic expenses, rent, electricity, etc. Thus, we're asking for help.

If you would like to help Jim directly, any financial support would be appreciated. This is, of course, not a tax deductible donation or anything, just a gift. Please send a check or money order made out to "James Hardiman" to:

Jim Hardiman
C/O Rabbit Valley Comics
PO Box 540568
Waltham, MA 02454-0568

Alternatively, and if you would like to get something for your money, please consider purchasing a portfolio or print from Jim's collections. We will be adding many more prints on Friday and Saturday.

General Prints:
Mature Prints:
Adult Prints:
Adult Portfolios:


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I know how terrible a disease diabetes is, because my wife has been battling the ravages of 30 years of "brittle" type I IDDM diabetes, with eye trouble, kidney failure and the like. If Jim or someone can drop me a line, there *are* other ways to obtain medical treatment for low incomes via low cost medical loans, and/or grants - and I'll be happy to share what resources and location of them I know. Jim should also tell his doctor his fiscal situation, and contact the hospital's social worker or group immediately. They are paid to do this sort of thing by the state and your best resource as paid for by taxes.

Grace and Peace - Camstone Fox

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Shit... Why is it all the great artists are getting sick/dying left & right. Not Hardiman! S.O.S. will never be the same...

F*ck the majority, I'm the EXTREME minority!

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On a side note, I have just finished passing the info along to the LJ furries, so that should help...

F*ck the majority, I'm the EXTREME minority!

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Taken from the West Corner of the Park bulletin board...

57) Doodles Today -- Jim Hardiman medical trouble

From: Doodles 06:18:29 04/19/02 PDT

This message was posted last night on Jim Hardiman's SkunkworksAMA group on

Yahoo. I am crossposting it here for folks to read and hopefully help the guy



I'm writing this from Jim's account because it allows me to send the letter as

a Special Message. Jim had to go to an eye doctor today. There's a possibility

he may lose his eyesight. Jeezus, I'm crying so hard I can barely read the


From what he told me, both of his eyes are bleeding internally. The doctor

said it was due to his diabetes. His left eye is worse, because there's some

swelling and the blood vessels are rerouting themselves somehow (I'm not too

clear on it).

I know Jim doesn't pray, and I haven't been to church in a long time, but

please, I beg you, if you can, please say a prayer for him. He's too proud to

ask for help, but he said he's probably gonna run another auction thing this

weekend to help pay for surgery (if it will work in this case). He doesn't

have insurance yet from his job, but he hopes to get some of the money owed to

him by Rabbit Valley. Oh God, I don't know what to do. I've never seen him

scared like this. *****, I've never seen him CRY, even when a bunch of his

relatives died within a year or two of each other.

I think I'm more scared because he once told me his sole reason for getting up

every morning was looking forward to creating new art. He said if he ever lost

his eyes that he wouldn't have a reason to go on. I dunno if he was joking or

not, but I kinda doubt it. I don't want anything to happen to him, but I don't

know what to do! I don't know what other groups he's on, but if any one of you

would be kind enough to maybe pass this information on, I would be forever

grateful. I'm sorry to have to post such a bad letter, but I thought it was

important that you all know. Please help.

Desiree Lee


I've confirmed this with Elin Winkler at Radio Comix. It's no hoax. If you

need an address to send money, well-wishes or anything else, his business

information is located on his website:


58) ShadowWalker Today -- Helping out Jim Hardiman

From: ShadowWalker 10:37:41 04/19/02 PDT

Edited by: ShadowWalker 10:40:24 04/19/02 PDT

I'm sure there's many of us, who feel compassion, and caring for a fellow human,

who's at the mercy of the health department, not to mention a serious condition.

So what say we try to do something to help? The best way is financially, but I

know not all of us can that way. If you want, one good way is to buy something

of his. Here's his web site's merchindise area

and yes, there is lots of G/pg-13, and even R rated stuff there incase you don't

want to buy his more adult stuff. It's up to you. Every little bit helps. If

someone can get an address to where we can send him cards, and e-mails of

wishes, that may help too.

So lets get cracking shall we folks?

No, I've never met him, but I am a compassionate guy, who's worked with the

blind, and other people less fortunate than I. I know what he's going though to

a point, and it's not fun and games.


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Hardiman and Desiree Lee were one and the same!

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