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ConFurence 2002 Program Schedule now online

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The Schedule of events at ConFurence 2002 is now online in Adobe PDF Format.

You can download, view, and/or print the CF2002 schedule grid at if you have the free Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your system.
ConFurence 2002 will again take place at the Hilton Burbank Airport and Convention Center in Burbank, California this weekend, April 26 to April 28, 2002.

Pre-registered members of the convention may pick up their badges starting around 5pm Thursday night, April 25, and at-door registration is expected to open around 10am Friday.

Dealers should be able to start setup as early as 5pm Thursday. The ArtShow panels will arrive around 7pm and hopefully artists will be able to hang their artwork by 9pm or so. We can use as many warm bodies as possible to help with ArtShow setup, and the sooner we get the room built, the sooner the Artists can be allowed to hang their work.

At-door memberships are $45 per person, but if you are staying at the Hilton, bring your Hilton reservation confirmation number to the convention registration kiosk and we will roll the membership price back to $35 for you. This discount is available to anyone named on a Hotel reservation made in our room block.

Guest Rooms are still available at the hotel for just $99 per night for one or two persons. Junior Suites are also available for only $135 per night, include two televisions, wetbar, minifridge, and separate living room and bedroom space. Third and 4th guests are an additional $20 per night in each room.

To get the correct rates for your room, use the 3-letter group code of "COG" when making your reservation online, or tell the operator the code is "COG-425" if you are booking by telephone. The number to call the Hilton Burbank Airport is 1-818-843-6000.

Volunteers: Check with Zsa'nene "Zee" Klinkler in Convention Operations when you arrive at the convention (in Hilton's "Executive Boardroom", ground floor near the East Tower elevators). Con-Ops will be open 24 hours a day, starting at 5pm Thursday, April 25, through Sunday night. Roomate coordination will be available for volunteers in case you don't have a place to sleep.

Darrel L. Exline
Director, The ConFurence Group
Chairman, ConFurence 2002

[ConFurence 2002: Furry Noir]


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