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June Bugs & June Daffy in June

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Cartoon Network will be featuring over 160 Bugs Bunny episodes in alphabetical order for their annual June Bugs marathon on June 1st and 2nd, lasting 38 hours.

This year, Daffy Duck will receive equal bill-ing (ha ha, I kill me...) on Boomerang, Cartoon Network's twin, with a 48-hr marathon of 76 Daffy Duck cartoons, beginning June 1st as well.

Last year, June Bugs was the most-watched event ever to air on Cartoon Network.


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Daffy gets equal billing, and Porky gets chopped? What a tragedy!

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Do you suppose there might be a Speedy Gonzales marathon somewhere in the future?

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In regard to last weekends "June Bugs" festival: Judging on the titles, it doesn't seem to me that the cartoons were shown in alphabetical order. Is there any way to get ahold of a listing of the titles as they were shown last weekend?



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