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Anthrocon Hotel Nearly Full

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From Samual Conway (chairman of Anthrocon) on ""Magic Tom" Hughsted, convention services manager at the Adams Mark, has informed me that we are approaching NINETY PERCENT FULL.

Make your hotel reservations *NOW NOW NOW*!

DO NOT WAIT!"Call 215-581-5000 and ask for IN-HOUSE RESERVATIONS. If you call the Adams Mark national reservation number (or if you get transferred there), you may be told that the hotel is full when there are still rooms available. This is a perennial problem that every hotel chain seems to have. You must call the hotel directly during normal business hours.

We ARE arranging for overflow space at a nearby hotel which will be comparably priced.

Tom also told me that the elevator renovation project is on schedule. We should have at least one of the lifts working on the high-tech new system by the time our con rolls around; likewise, one of the service elevators will also be upgraded, so the maids should be able to actually get to people's rooms this year.

Don't forget our Invention Fair, too. Check out for details.

-- Uncle Kage


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[ If you have more questions or concerns, it'd make more sense to address them to the person who can answer them, instead of in a forum which they might not be reading.]

I don't expect anyone to address anything, and it was not a question. I was stating one of my reasons for choosing not to attend.

"We use them for divine retribution."

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Happens every year... must be the elevators and the registration lines that brings everyone back.

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I'm afraid that inconvenience like that would definately serve (it has, thus far) to keep me away from the con, no matter how big it might be or who is attending -- and size, to me, is not always a benefit. I prefer smaller, intimate venues to giant ones filled with a billion people I don't know.

Perhaps I'm shallow, but I value my creature comforts and when I saw that the elevator renovations were going to pretty much recreate last year's havoc I opted not to go.

"We use them for divine retribution."

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