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Tennessee school bans 'Maus', graphic novel involving holocaust history, from school for "language and nudity"

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Maus When we discuss adult themes such as a government committing mass murder of its population, authors need to be wary not to say “God Damn” or have an unclothed character if they wish to reach a high school audience. These two items were front and center for the unanimous decision of a McMinn County school board as it barred the Pultzer winning graphic novel of Maus from its district curriculum. Maus is a graphic novel utilizing animal allegory to give a historical account of the holocaust.

The TN Holler has a full article of each of the board’s words on the removal of the book from the school. Many on social media are concerned that this is part of a trend of washing away the sins of authority by those that hold it. Though, given humanity’s inability to resist taking a bite of what is deemed as forbidden knowledge, banning the book within the classroom may rile the interest of rebellious teens to learn more about this banned literature outside the classroom.

Given the content of the book, those who would recommend it point out that it should be for a high school audience. In the end, American education institutions are at the whims of the parents of the students. Some parents sometimes fear their children growing up with knowledge they forbid for one reason or another.

For those parents in that district who disagree with their board’s decision, getting together and acquiring the book for your own home to teach your young adult the messages on your own terms may be for the better. Especially to help stem the tide of the ignorance of their peers who had not acquired the knowledge therein simply because their school removed it from the curriculum. For if state education is lacking, the successful will learn in spite of their intrusions.


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It's a good graphic novel (I have the box set), just a pity what it took to inspire it. Definitely doesn't need a sequel.

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Honestly, knowing that how schools and board meetings are becoming the latest battleground in politics, I'm more surprised that the book was there in the first place (I went to school in the next county over)

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If 14-year-olds can watch Game of Thrones and Tarantino's movies without censure, they're damn well old enough to read Maus.

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Well they're not 'supposed' to as those are rated R. But, I wasn't supposed to play Mortal Kombat 3 either so...

Fun story, On MK2 we happened to unlock the character Smoke, and our sibling wasn't up yet so we ran to their room yelling "smoke" and my parents jolted out of bed and hard a heart attack thinking the house was on fire...

No more videogames that day...

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It looks like the TN Holler has been taken down. A transcript of the board's meeting can be found here instead:

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The TN Holler site is back up

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Banning Spiegelman's anti-holocaust work as Entartete Kunst may just backfire.

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This all definitely brings back the Comics Code formation and Wertham's Seduction of the Innocent, with institutions seeing comics as this threat to the innocence of children (though racism is clearly important, here). I wonder what could be said in these terms of the underground comix animal character style/aesthetic, and how furry has been dealing with these hauntings into today and in new, various forms.

Brandy J. Lewis
Science Fiction Studies, Comic Studies, and Fan Culture History

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