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The Fox and the Golf Balls

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Some local news... A golf ball stealing fox is back in action on a Winnipeg golf course. No one is quite sure why the fox waits in ambush, waiting to steal a ball off a green, and no one knows where it's hiding them. Golfers beware!


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My uncle has a similar problem at a golf course near the Ontario/Quebec border. Ravens keep stealing the golf balls. Apparently they're a protected species, so they can thieve with impunity...

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Reward: $5 for the first fur who emails me a good readable digital or scanned photo of that sign on the golf course... but it must say "FOXES" and indicate they are the ones stealing the balls.

Grace and Peace - Camstone Fox

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I was the one who submitted the story - must not have been logged in. =)

The story was in our local paper, which made me look for the story online. I scanned the article and put it on webpage. The files are sort of large (since I wanted to make sure the article was readable), so I won't be emailing them to anyone. =) It includes a photo of the sign and of the culprit!

Page 1, Page 2.

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S/He probably thinks they are some really cool kind of egg that can be cached with impunity. I saw a seagull steal a golf ball on Animal Planet once - it lost it's grip on the ball right over the water hazard!

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Coyotes do much the same thing on southwestern golf courses. Apparently dens have been found with hundreds of balls.

Seems to be the egg thing again, or maybe they just like bothering people. ;)

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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Well since no one else has stated the obvious joke ......

"Wow that fox REALLY has balls!"

Thank you I will be here thru Thursday....... ;)

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I dunno. "A fox stole my balls," sounds awfully dire! And what about
lady's day at the course?

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Unexpected guest, creating turmoil at the Winnipeg fairway!!

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There are a lot of comments about foxes stealing golf balls, but no weblinks. Here's a weblink.

Before my hospitilization, I lived in a section of Los Angeles called Fox Hills. The developers were supposed to have chased the foxes out, but if they did, the foxes came back. They were brown foxes rather than red foxes, but foxes are foxes. They loved the area's golf courses.

Fred Patten

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