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Tennessee Moonshiners win first FBA Championship

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FBA LogoThe Tennessee Moonshiners defeated the Edmonton Totems in five games at the conclusion of the 2014 FBA Finals, giving the Eastern Conference club their first title in franchise history. The team’s four-year point guard Aragon Fisher (Otter, G) won 2014 Finals MVP.

The contest made history by being the first FBA Finals series to feature a team out of Canada, with the Totems improving on their previous year when they reached the Western Conference Championship series but failed to enter the Finals. The Totems were heavily watched by fans of 2014 Most Valuable Player Rocky Caracal (Lynx, G) who looked to cap a 12-year career with his first title. The Moonshiners drew fans with 13-year veteran Jamie Velasquez (Seagull, G/F) whose bumpy career has seen her cut from multiple teams, most recently by the Galveston Sand Dollars, yet earning the 2012 Most Improved Player award. Attendees also watched fan favorite Paul Teronura (Otter, C) in his first Finals appearance since 2009, before he won the 2012 Defensive Player of the Year award.

2014 FBA Champions Tennessee Moonshiners (art by Pac)

Games Records

Game 1 July 12, 2014 EDM 85 @ TEN 95
Game 2 July 14, 2014 EDM 79 @ TEN 108
Game 3 July 16, 2014 TEN 93 @ EDM 89
Game 4 July 18, 2014 TEN 78 @ EDM 89
Game 5 July 20, 2014 TEN 94 @ EDM 89

Click on the first column for the game’s box score. Detailed information on the 2014 FBA Finals can be here.


Every game of the 2014 FBA Finals was featured on an episode of the FBA podcast FBA Courtside: LIVE! Games were simulated using NBA 2K14 from 2K Sports running on an Xbox 360. Custom rosters were programmed for each side based on character design from FBA contributors. The simulations were presented as live audio podcasts using software from Mixlr. The final recordings are now available from SoundCloud as audio-only and from YouTube as the game console video stream.

Episodes were hosted by T. Matt Latrans (played by Buck Hopper) and a new co-host for each episode.

Game Audio Broadcast Video Stream Co-host
Game 1 SoundCloud link YouTube Playlist Patrick Suarez (played by Stevie Maxwell)
Game 2 SoundCloud link YouTube Playlist Scott Paulichek & Alan Foster (both played by Mitch DLG)
Game 3 SoundCloud link YouTube Playlist Damian Williams (played by Darkwolf)
Game 4 SoundCloud link YouTube Playlist Nasuella (played by herself)
Game 5 SoundCloud link YouTube Playlist Jimmy Tern (played by Tazel)

More episodes of FBA Courtside: LIVE! from earlier in the season can be found here.


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