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FBA accepting character submissions for 2012 Draft

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The Furry Basketball Association is accepting character submissions for the 2012 FBA Draft.

FBA logoThe Furry Basketball Association is a fantasy basketball league built and supported by the furry fandom. It has grown through the creative contributions of dozens of furries who have created the league's 24 teams and more than 350 players.

Every year the FBA opens up for new characters, usually arond mid-March. These new characters, after meeting approval by the FBA Commissioner, enter that year's Draft Pool where they will be available to the general managers of the league's 24 teams. During the FBA Draft, a live event that usually happens in September, the general managers choose players one at a time from the Draft Pool, eventually bringing 48 new players into the FBA.

Submissions are welcome from all contributors, regardless of current or previous involvement in the FBA. Interested individuals are encouraged to fill out the online form and submit their character ideas. Because the FBA is meant to reflect a professional-level basketball league, characters are expected to be accomplished athletes, but creativity and new ideas are always encouraged.

New characters will be accepted until about 100 characters are submitted. Questions regarding the FBA and the FBA Draft can be emailed to the FBA Commisioner.


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You might point out that one of the 2011 Ursa Major Award finalists in the Best Anthropomorphic Published Illustration category is Rosenthal's painting of the "2012 FBA season opener":

Fred Patten

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I may be a roo, but I got no hops.

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I once had hops, but my doctor gave me some antibiotics and they cleared right up.

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